Monday, March 29, 2010

march mail art

i love mail art! It is hard for me to send an envelope out naked. I always try to add a little something if i have time, but more often than not I'll add a lot! Here is some of the mail art i have sent out in March . . . click on any envelope for more details.

You can see I have a few rubber stamp "favorites" that I use over and over again. I generally reach for StazOn ink, which is permanent, and watercolor crayons. Sometimes I'll add papers, or collage images and transparencies from ARTchix Studio and Alpha Stamps mostly - as I have an abundance of them! The last envelope shown was originally white and I use Dye-Na-Flow inks with a sponge to color it, all in the name of art and fun and a smiling recipient. : ) lenna young andrews - march 29th, 2010

  p.s. I have been doing this for a while . . . I put the envelope shown below, that I decorated and sent in 1975 before I knew anything about mail art - into one of my altered books . . . Wild, huh? This envelope/letter was sent to my first husband, John before we were married . . . the altered book it is in was about our marriage that ended in 2004.
* I almost forgot! See more of my mail art in this set of photos!


  1. These are delightful, Lenna. The recipient has as much fun with the envelope as with the content, I'm sure! Long ago, before the internet, I used to decorate my envelopes... before I knew about mail art.

  2. Hello Lenna,

    I see you are staying busy....I think the mail art is you have a network of people that swap mail art? I come across all kinds of creative networks but don't think I've seen one specifically for mail art..Let me know..

    Come by for a visit when you have a moment...

    Stephanie ♥

  3. I love your mail art. Like you I also cannot send out a blank envelope but I cover mine with pretty pages from magazines. Your art though has inspired me to create some custom decorated labels for addresses, etc.

  4. No suprise you were ahead of the times with your art Lenna! I have this on my list for 2010-to make more mail art. such a wonderful gift to find in your mail box!

  5. I always love getting mail from you Lenna, always the best envies, ever, these are great.

  6. What fun!!! I'm going immediately to my studio with a stack of envelopes to make mail art. Actually, I'm teaching a workshop in April on making a box with a set of collage cards. I should add decorating envelopes to the mix! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Hi Lenna! I see you left a lovely comment on my Blog and signed up to follow. Thank you! I have done same here! You have been keeping busy and I am loving what you are doing with your art and exchanges! I have always admired your creativity and art. Maybe we will get one another's ATC's from Marion's exchange! I would love one of yours. I agree; Marion is awesome! xxoo Marilyn

  8. You've certainly be making art for such a long time, Lenna! And it still looks as fresh as a daisy. As the recipient of more than one of your splendid envelopes I hope you will continue to do so for a long time to come as well!



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