Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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My dear online friend, award winning quilter and mixed media artist, Frieda Oxenham -who lives in Scotland, has inspired this post and the fabric-paper collage creation you see here! After at least 5 years of corresponding and sharing our art with each other, we have yet to meet in person but hope to one day. Perhaps Frieda might come to the States? Or maybe I could travel to Scotland? Who knows? I do know she would love to see some of the birds I see here in Florida and I would love to see her gorgeous Scottish countryside and her gardens. Anyway, we enjoy our online and snail mail correspondence very much and she so often inspires me. I always admire the fabric-paper she makes and what she creates with it. Click on this link to view all of the posts on her blog related to her technique of fabric paper.

Once previously, I tried making a version of Frieda's fabric-paper with scraps of fabric and paper collaged onto a piece of muslin, but this time I wanted to try rubber stamping a background, layering collage papers, layers of napkins and tissue paper, and adding color with paint ( I used Dye-na-Flow) as Frieda does. My mistake this time was finding a section of old sheet and deciding to use the whole thing! It was really too large. I persevered and even enjoyed, but it did not come out quite as I had hoped (more like Frieda's creations!) because I was attempting the technique on too large an area.
First, rubber stamping to create a background
Of course, I went a bit overboard!

Then adding papers and color - click on any photo for details!
I have a lot more photos showing the process that took me a few days to complete. if you would like a peek at them - view a slideshow here: Fabric-Paper collage on flickr. After I show this to my mom (this has a lot of copies of old family photos included) I will start cutting it up to use as a background for other smaller projects like ATCs, 4x4's, etc. What do you think??? Thank you for looking and commenting - lenna young andrews - March 23, 2010


  1. Lenna,this is fabulous and I love it. You have a lot more patients than I do, beautiful work, can hardly wait until Frieda sees it.

  2. I think I love it...and may try it sometime! I loooove when you go overboard!!!
    Thanks Frieda for inspiring Lenna to inspire me!

  3. wow! that is big,
    and pretty cool,
    i could see a really funky set
    of curtains from it,
    it's a shame to have to cut it up,
    but with a handful of stars,
    new thoughts,
    new dreams,
    new songs,

  4. First of all, Frieda is definitely an inspiration, you're so right! This turned out really great, I love the idea of using a sheet!

  5. Needless to say I love it and I'm just so happy that you have taken your inspiration from me as I have received so much from you in return. I love seeing it hanging on the line. Never tried that before myself, it's usually the airing cupboard here in Scotland. Can't wait to see the projects you're going to use this for!

  6. Thank you all for your comments, especially Frieda!! I like what I did here - I just will do it smaller next time, and already have ideas on what to use parts of this piece for!
    : ) lenna



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