Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ATC "jam"

When one of my swap participants mentioned an artist named Misti Ko that she thought I'd like -I looked online and found this blog with her name on it: It starts with a pencil. How cool! I wanted to participate so  I sent my snail mail address along, not knowing if I would hear back or not. It looked like the project was current, but I wasn't sure if there were still ATCs available, etc. But about a week later I received an envelope from Canada in reply! A "Jam" ATC is started by one person and other artists are asked to add something to complete the card and then it is send back to the originator. Here is what came in my envelope -click for more detail:

I first thought I would be next in line to work on the ATC that was already started with a pencil in the top corner. Then I would send it on to an art friend to add the 3rd rendition before it was sent back to Misti Ko. But then looking at the ATC I had to work with, I had an idea . . . .  I thought I would instead ask my husband Steven if he would add something to the ATC next, with the idea that I would be the third person to work on it before sending it back home. Steven said yes! Here is what he added:
He used one of my photos of the Ibis that we have seen walking around here as his inspiration for his drawing. I really love what he did! It is always great fun for me to see him draw and this was especially nice. Here's what I added after he was finished:
Of course, a little wilder! I added rubber stamping - all Claudia Rose stamps- and watercolor crayons. I just bought a new set of Lyra AquaColor last weekend. My previous set I had 8 years now, I think, and I still use them a ton! This was a really fun and quick project for me and has me thinking of other things I can do besides my traditional art swaps . . . . thank you, Misti Ko! Visit her ATC Jam site here: http://it-starts-with-a-pencil.blogspot.com/  -- The ATC was put in the mail today - I guess we are jammin!
Steve Deming & lenna young andrews, in Florida - March 9, 2010


  1. This is such a cool idea, I think I would love to start a jam of my own on this side of the pond, thanks for sharing.

  2. How fun, such a great idea and to have you and Steven work on the same atc. I love it.

  3. Great idea - love Steven's drawing and where you took it from there!

  4. Sounds like a great idea, Lenna! We used to do that within a card making group I belonged to. Love what you and Steve created!

  5. I just love what you've done with this JAM card, Lenna and had to exercise extreme self-control not to jump in too!

  6. Poor Frieda! It seems I am always tempting you with distractions to your quilt making towards your solo show . . . You are very good at staying on course & I admire you for that! : ) Lenna

  7. very nice,
    the original pencil image
    did not thrill me,
    but you two
    managed to bring
    a lot of charm and wit
    into the space,
    and a smile
    to my face,
    a perfect fit for steve's
    considerable talent,



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