Monday, March 29, 2010

march mail art

i love mail art! It is hard for me to send an envelope out naked. I always try to add a little something if i have time, but more often than not I'll add a lot! Here is some of the mail art i have sent out in March . . . click on any envelope for more details.

You can see I have a few rubber stamp "favorites" that I use over and over again. I generally reach for StazOn ink, which is permanent, and watercolor crayons. Sometimes I'll add papers, or collage images and transparencies from ARTchix Studio and Alpha Stamps mostly - as I have an abundance of them! The last envelope shown was originally white and I use Dye-Na-Flow inks with a sponge to color it, all in the name of art and fun and a smiling recipient. : ) lenna young andrews - march 29th, 2010

  p.s. I have been doing this for a while . . . I put the envelope shown below, that I decorated and sent in 1975 before I knew anything about mail art - into one of my altered books . . . Wild, huh? This envelope/letter was sent to my first husband, John before we were married . . . the altered book it is in was about our marriage that ended in 2004.
* I almost forgot! See more of my mail art in this set of photos!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunday postcard ART -Time for Tea!

Here is my response to the Sunday Postcard ART challenge - this is my 5th postcard I've done over the past few weeks. I've obviously been enjoying this challenge! For this challenge I color photo copied two of my favorite teas in their packaging. On top of that copy, I used a variety of rubber stamps with StazOn ink and then added watercolor pencils. I do have a lot of online friends who I feel this way about, even though I certainly enjoy our sharing and online connections, "I wish that we lived closer so that we could share a pot of tea."  : ^ ) lenna young andrews - March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010


While over at my mom & dad's celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary tonight (yes - 54!) I spied this photo in a frame. Steven had taken it with my sister's camera and she did send me a copy, but I had forgotten about it. It was taken in December when Kathy was visiting before the holidays and we had just arrived in Florida.

I really like this photo of our family so much. Amazing, isn't it? My parents have been married all this time, my whole family has lived through a lot of things good & bad -- and here we are, together and smiling.

We had a wonderful time tonight and it was too bad my sister was not there -she's in CT, but her in-laws were there! My mom served a delicious meal and Steven & I pitched in with cooking & clean-up. My dad looked great and we heard some good stories! I am so grateful for all I have. Happy Anniversary mom & dad!

lenna young andrews - march 27th, 2010

from fabric-paper to paper card

Steven came upon me scanning parts of the huge fabric-paper piece I made and said, "I have to take a couple photos of this!". He thought it was pretty funny because the fabric-paper I made is so big compared to the scanner - it is probably 12 times the size of the scanner! I did have to fold and maneuver the big piece of fabric-paper around to scan it, but it worked and it was so worth it! Now I have some great close-up, hi-res scans that I can use for other things.
Below is a picture of a printed out scan lying on top of the original fabric-paper collage --
If you click on it you may be able to see the photo better - a printed copy is part of the original collage. The photo is of my mom, my grandmothers, and great grandmother at my parent's engagement party in January of 1956.
Today is my parent's 54th wedding anniversary, so I used this section of my large fabric-paper collage with the engagement party photo, scanned and printed onto presentation paper to create this layered card above for my mom & dad. All I did was add a little more color with ink, rubber stamp a couple of words and add a bit of metallic marker. Voila'! Hope you enjoy all this "talk" about my fabric paper collage and all the things I am sure I will do with it!!! lenna young andrews - march 27th, 2010

getting distracted is sometimes good

While unpacking more boxes that belong to my studio (c'mon, I've only had them here for 2 months!) I came across all kinds of things i have forgotten about. One thing I found today was a printed out copy of this photo below of my husband Steve, our friend Garth -whom we have both known since we were 14 or 15 years old, and my first husband, John. They all went to school together in Connecticut in the 70's. This photo was taken in 1980, when we were all renting a house together. Garth unearthed this photo in 2004 and sent it to me at that time, affectionately giving it a title of "Lenna's Boyfriends" . . . geeeeeze, Garth! : ^ ) I should add that when this photo was taken, I was married to John. Garth had been my boyfriend when I was 15. When Garth sent the picture in 2004, I was engaged to marry Steven!!
When I found this extra printed-out copy today while unpacking, I just could not help but do something with it. To tell you the truth, it was really fun to create something just for me, and just because I felt like it! I used rubber stamps and a small photo of me taken at the same time, to create the piece. I also sponged on a bit of white paint and found I am learning where I have stashed everything in my new studio! 

Steven looks like such a babe, well - Garth & John - and I do too . . .  
This was 30 years ago!

This new piece I did has joined some others on my closet door. As you can see, I am getting settled in to my new studio. Those are my son Dallas' drawings. He did them when he was 5 years old, so I have only saved them for 20 years now and moved them numerous times... but they sure make me smile! 
lenna young andrews - march 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Frieda's Vintage Spring ATC Swap

I've had a chance to put my huge fabric-paper collage to use! First, I cut into it and created four Dove Grey and Pastel Pink ATCs for the Colour Groupies exchange I'm in. Photos of those ATCs will be forthcoming, as we wait until they are received before revealing them. Then I cut out more sections to create a bunch of Vintage Spring ATCs for Frieda's Swap on the ATCs for ALL site. Here's what my fabric-paper collage looks like now, with lots of "holes":
The ATCs for this swap started like this -click for more detail -
Then I added more old text, and hand sewed flower and leaf beads from Alpha Stamps on. I also added iridescent glass spheres -also from Alpha Stamps, and one of my favorite embellishments. You should be able to see them below - I made six ATCs (some extras) as only 3 are required for the swap. I think it is great fun to send these off to Frieda, since she was the one who taught me and inspired me to make the fabric-paper base in the first place!  I love working this way. 
I rode my bicycle to the post office to mail these to Frieda in Scotland today and it was such fun! I felt like a kid. Lenna Young Andrews -March 26, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

published 10 years ago . . .

I found this collage I created in 1999 among my photos recently and added it to my desktop for a  background picture. I've been studying it a little bit each time I go to the computer and had somewhat of a hard time believing it, when I figured out it was published in the May/June 2000 issue of RSM magazine -yikes! That would be 10 years ago! Somehow, this seems impossible. Click on the scan above for a larger more detailed view - I have enjoyed reading the collage description myself. It is from the instructions for the collage class I taught at Impressive Impressions (a rubber stamp store) in Farmington CT, back in 1999! The writing on the top left is in my Grandmother Dimock's hand and reads, "Yet this, at 80 I can say, as I see every sun rise from the sea, I'm sure: the best is yet to come." I found this writing of hers on some scrap paper, tucked away in a box after she died and it has always meant a lot to me. I certainly hope I am doing collage 10 years from now and can look back at this published piece and say, Wow!! That was 20 years ago! - lenna young andrews - March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Click on the photo for more details . . .
My dear online friend, award winning quilter and mixed media artist, Frieda Oxenham -who lives in Scotland, has inspired this post and the fabric-paper collage creation you see here! After at least 5 years of corresponding and sharing our art with each other, we have yet to meet in person but hope to one day. Perhaps Frieda might come to the States? Or maybe I could travel to Scotland? Who knows? I do know she would love to see some of the birds I see here in Florida and I would love to see her gorgeous Scottish countryside and her gardens. Anyway, we enjoy our online and snail mail correspondence very much and she so often inspires me. I always admire the fabric-paper she makes and what she creates with it. Click on this link to view all of the posts on her blog related to her technique of fabric paper.

Once previously, I tried making a version of Frieda's fabric-paper with scraps of fabric and paper collaged onto a piece of muslin, but this time I wanted to try rubber stamping a background, layering collage papers, layers of napkins and tissue paper, and adding color with paint ( I used Dye-na-Flow) as Frieda does. My mistake this time was finding a section of old sheet and deciding to use the whole thing! It was really too large. I persevered and even enjoyed, but it did not come out quite as I had hoped (more like Frieda's creations!) because I was attempting the technique on too large an area.
First, rubber stamping to create a background
Of course, I went a bit overboard!

Then adding papers and color - click on any photo for details!
I have a lot more photos showing the process that took me a few days to complete. if you would like a peek at them - view a slideshow here: Fabric-Paper collage on flickr. After I show this to my mom (this has a lot of copies of old family photos included) I will start cutting it up to use as a background for other smaller projects like ATCs, 4x4's, etc. What do you think??? Thank you for looking and commenting - lenna young andrews - March 23, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

sunday postcard ART -steampunk

Yikes! This week's theme on Sunday Postcard Art was certainly a challenge for me. Steampunk! Click on the postcard for a larger view with more details...
I have heard of the term Steampunk before, but it is not really my thing. Kind of too futuristic and metallic for me. I decided to try to do this postcard challenge anyway. I started with some definitions of the word, printed them out and used that for a background layered on top of a watercolor postcard. I picked out an image from ARTchix Studio on the Playful Gents collage sheet, then painted my background with an iridescent watercolor set from Yasutomo in silver and brass. Then I added some watch parts and gears with E6000 glue. I finished the postcard by running a metallic marker around the edges and wrapping the entire postcard in tan silk thread. Wow! This was work for me, but I am glad to have participated again. I have connected with a bunch of mixed media artists that are new to me.

I have been working hard the past few days on a very large fabric paper collage. I hope to share it with you tomorrow!
Lenna Young Andrews, March 21, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

the birds still surprise and amaze us . . .

03.14- Great white Egret 2, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Yes! Frieda is right! -Visit her blog to see her beautiful visiting pheasant. It is not an unusual occurrence to walk around my neighborhood and run into this beautiful great white egret. Or have him come visit my yard, perhaps being joined by a wood stork or two. Then of course, there is the great blue heron, or maybe I'll see a flock of ibis! We are continuing to see these birds a few times a week, if not more. Sometimes, while taking a walk down one of the little one-way roads near my home, all of a sudden I will realize I am walking right past a heron, just standing there cool as a cucumber! Click on the photo above and choose "all sizes" once you get there for a larger photo. Or click on this link for my 'birds gone wild' slide show - a nice glimpse of all the amazing birds we've seen since moving to Florida.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4x4's for my roads+paths swap

I have made another set -this time out of fabric, for my 4x4 mixed media collage swap with a theme of roads+paths. I will tease you with a couple of photos here - but you can see more on my creative swaps blog or view my process in making them via this slide show. I hope you enjoy!
There is plenty of room left and the collages are not due until April 24, if you would like to join us . . .
lenna young andrews - March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Love . . . 2x2 Twinchies . . . for an ARTchix Studio Swap!

The theme was pink & green, things you LOVE, and make six 2"x2" collages with ARTchix Studio. I started here:
and then moved to here:
and ended up here - I made a couple extra to keep:
WOW! To view a slideshow with more photos of my process - go here: 
lenna young andrews, March 16, 2010

just for fun - a creative video

I own one Subaru now and quite a few in my past, plus two dogs now and many in my past, so I am probably partial to this . . . but I thought it was SO funny!
 :  ^ )
You can see all of Subaru's 'Dog Tested' videos here: -they certainly brought a smile to my day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goddess -Sunday Postcard Art #2 and #3

On Sunday Postcard Art, the theme is Goddess! I had more than one idea, so I made 2 postcards. The first is a gel medium transfer onto fabric, of a ink jet print of a painting by Sir Frank Dicksee called Miranda. I think is so beautiful and very goddess-like -click on the scan for more details.
I added watercolor crayon after adhering the fabric piece to a postcard base. The words are a rubber stamp, an old favorite from the Moon Rose. I was very happy with how this turned out, but still wanted to make a more personal entry for this challenge as well. Below is my "Goddesses" postcard featuring left to right: My mother, me, my mom again with her mother, next, the same grandmother at a younger age and then, my father's mother. All Goddesses!
What a great theme! thank you sunday postcard art and happy Mother's day to those in the UK!
lenna young andrews - March 14, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Homepage Challenge

On the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group, moderator Cindy McMath wrote: "Each month we'll feature a different product to use for the homepage challenge and I'll pick my favourites to feature every week. No prizes – just the accolades from your fellow group members – a prize in itself! For the entire month of March, the theme is German Scrap. Make anything that features at least one piece of German scrap and enter it in the Homepage Challenge folder." - Here's what I came up with!

I used an image from a collaborative collage sheet owner Helga Strauss put together from a recent ARTchix Swap called: Chixies Royal Blue Birds. The image I used was designed by my friend Sharon Borsavage for the swap and I added a heart and the saying "sweet mother" from the Sweet Hearts collage sheet that I downloaded from ARTchix Studio after purchasing - cool! I printed this sheet onto vellum. The Baroque Borders were my German "scrap" of choice for finishing the top & bottom of the 4x6 card, with a small piece of gold lace border added to the top of the bird image. Voila'! An opaque marker continues and emphasizes the dots that were added to the royal bird image. -lenna young andrews -March 12, 2010

p.s. On March 14th I found out this piece had been chosen as the homepage art for the following week on the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group. WoW!! Thank you, Cindy!!!

skinny book pages for paula dion

Each month I create a "skinny book" page (4" x 8") based on a theme chosen by one of the Oh My Gothic yahoo group members and in turn, someone makes a page for me on my theme of love. We collect all the pages over 16 - 18 months and then we'll bind them at the end of the exchange for a cool collaborative book! This month, I needed to create a page, both front & back for Paula Dion. Her theme is HATS - hats on people, hats on animals, hats on anything, red hats, blue hats, me hats, you hats, Vintage hats, use your imagination hats . . . well, how about hats made of flowers? Here is what I came up with -click on any photo for more detail - or view all of my skinny book pages in this album.
This side of the page is 2 layers -there is 1 image printed on vellum on top of another image printed on paper. I will show you below . . . 

Kind of a little surprise! Paula - I hope you love this. 
It was a challenge for me but once i stretched myself, a joy to create - just what i needed, thank you!
lenna young andrews - March 12, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

palma sola sky

02.23.10-palma sola sky 4, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

one late afternoon, a week or so ago after we went walking, we were on the way to my parent's house and the sky was incredible -like a quilt . . . there are a few more photos when you click on the one above -then choose all sizes for a huge view. : ) lenna

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version

YouTube - creativelenna's Channel: <--- Click on this link to see a really creATive video. It's quite amazing, actually. From the video: "The official video for the recorded version of "This Too Shall Pass" off of the album "Of the Blue Colour of the Sky". The video was filmed in a two story warehouse, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The "machine" was designed and built by the band, along with members of Syyn Labs over the course of several months."
My son Decklin sent me this link because he knew I love Ok Go's creativity- I think I have featured another one of their videos here before - Here it goes again.  In fact in the new video, that video makes an appearance again : ) enjoy! lenna young andrews - March 10, 2010.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ATC "jam"

When one of my swap participants mentioned an artist named Misti Ko that she thought I'd like -I looked online and found this blog with her name on it: It starts with a pencil. How cool! I wanted to participate so  I sent my snail mail address along, not knowing if I would hear back or not. It looked like the project was current, but I wasn't sure if there were still ATCs available, etc. But about a week later I received an envelope from Canada in reply! A "Jam" ATC is started by one person and other artists are asked to add something to complete the card and then it is send back to the originator. Here is what came in my envelope -click for more detail:

I first thought I would be next in line to work on the ATC that was already started with a pencil in the top corner. Then I would send it on to an art friend to add the 3rd rendition before it was sent back to Misti Ko. But then looking at the ATC I had to work with, I had an idea . . . .  I thought I would instead ask my husband Steven if he would add something to the ATC next, with the idea that I would be the third person to work on it before sending it back home. Steven said yes! Here is what he added:
He used one of my photos of the Ibis that we have seen walking around here as his inspiration for his drawing. I really love what he did! It is always great fun for me to see him draw and this was especially nice. Here's what I added after he was finished:
Of course, a little wilder! I added rubber stamping - all Claudia Rose stamps- and watercolor crayons. I just bought a new set of Lyra AquaColor last weekend. My previous set I had 8 years now, I think, and I still use them a ton! This was a really fun and quick project for me and has me thinking of other things I can do besides my traditional art swaps . . . . thank you, Misti Ko! Visit her ATC Jam site here:  -- The ATC was put in the mail today - I guess we are jammin!
Steve Deming & lenna young andrews, in Florida - March 9, 2010


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