Saturday, February 27, 2010

roads + paths - 4x4 swap

Over on my creative swaps blog I am hosting a 4x4 mixed media collage swap with a theme of roads + paths. I am the first the submit a set, but let's be fair - there is no mailing time for me and I just announced it! For my first set, I printed images directly onto a watercolor type paper and then used a wet brush to manipulate the printing ink. I think it gives the photo a watercolor-like appearance. Next, I added related rubber stamped words to the front and a bit of journaling to the back of each 4x4. There are 5 more to see (i made extras) on the creative swaps blog along with more info on the swap. Hope you enjoy, and possibly join us. It will be fun!
lenna young andrews - February 27th, 2010


  1. Lovely!!
    I like to move the ink around too.
    How do you feel about digital 4x4?

  2. oh yes, Peggy! For this swap digital is one of the options. Let's see, here are the specs:
    • your collages can be all paper, all fabric or some of both
    • your collages could also be digital, printed out and mounted on a 4” x 4” card
    • your 4x4’s can be ALL the SAME design - ALL different - or a mix
    • any media may be used in creating! wheeeeeeeee!



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