Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peterborough restoration complete!

My dad and my husband Steven worked together to restore the finish on the cedar strip canoe my dad made that has seen a lot of use. After they did much sanding, applying of epoxy and varnish, it is finished. I think it is one of the most beautiful boats I have ever seen! (oh, it paddles beautifully too!!) Click on the images for more detail....

On my original website, I have a diary of sorts with photos and notes that my dad sent us via email when he made a 'wee lassie' single-man canoe for Steven. Go to My Dad's art to learn more about how he makes these gorgeous boats - it is really something. I also have a set of photos on my flickr photos called: BYOB - Bring your own Boat (a Dale Andrews Boat!). One September weekend in 2006 when we lived near a small lake in Avon, CT we got family members to gather up boats my dad made. We had a canoeing/sailing party with a half a dozen of his gorgeous handmade boats, (and there are even a few more, wow!) Right now I am working on scanning photos of the 'melon seed' build, a 15.5 ft sailboat my dad built, cedar strip. Here is that boat below, along with the other boats my dad made we could rustle up that day. awesome!!!
lenna young andrews - February 23, 2010


  1. Well, that is just something! I bet they are really proud, as it is beautiful!! Your dad is a real craftsman, there is real art to that!

  2. They are some fine looking boats!
    Oh Lenna, I just saw I missed your birthday - sending you many good wishes for love, happiness and creativity!!!
    I was looking through 1000 Journal Pages last night and came across your quilt pages in there. Just wonderful!

  3. How wonderful that your husband shares a love of boats and boating with your dad. Those pictures are beautiful - restoring the boat is great therapy for your dad, too. Love the new header of dog paws in the sand!

  4. wow. The finish on that boat is more beautiful than the finish on some of my FURNITURE. wow.

    Are you going to make a photographic record of it's initial re-launching?

  5. Oh, wow! This is just beyond gorgeous! When do they launch her again? Steve must be just in heaven learning at the side of you dad! What an art!
    hugs, chris



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