Thursday, February 4, 2010

now an ibis!!!

2.4. closer, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
First we saw the storks, then the herons, AND now a white ibis!!! Now i really must agree with those of you who have been commenting, i think we ARE living in a bird sanctuary! See all the different wild birds we've seen in the very short time since we moved to Cortez, FL, here in a set: birds gone wild slide show.


  1. Whoa, this goes way beyond santuary - maybe holy bird meeting ground...?
    I think you need a little bird shrine in your studio, just in case...

  2. Oh, this looks like a fun place to live in :)

  3. Oh my gosh Lenna, I am so enjoying your parade of birds. Soon those herons will be knocking on your door asking can they come inside! I especially loved the heron on the roof. And this ibis, acting like he owns the whole road.

  4. What a fabulous "array" of birds you have seen!! Seems a wonderful place to be - something new each day to inspire you!

  5. Someone, somewhere is giving you the bird-literally! This is a hoot! Love the photos-keep sharing the Florida winged family!!!
    love to you both!

  6. Another gorgeous bird! You must be wondering what will cross your path next?!



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