Monday, February 1, 2010

inchie challenge

On Helga Strauss' blog: My ARTistic Life the challenge this week was to get inspired by creating inchies, 5 inchies, either one a day or all at once. I picked the "all at once" option, and here are my efforts.

It had been a while since i had created any "inchies" (1" x 1" collages) and i had truly forgotten just how small they were! So, i decided to start making them more or less together, cutting them apart at the end for any final embellishing. I took my 1" square pieces of scrapbook paper and glued them to a piece of watercolor paper.

next, i drew around the edges of the squares with a watercolor crayon. Yes, i use these all the time!
I used a wet brush on the crayon to activate it
adding rubber stamping (CatsLife Press) with StazOn ink
added more crayon to the paper squares (yellow)
then cut the inchies apart -phew!
a little more stamping (stars) and words from ARTchix and i was done ; ^ )

Thanks, Helga!! Another great challenge! ~lenna young andrews - February 1, 2010


  1. Love your inchies, Lenna! And, it is always fun to read about the steps you take to get from zero to 100!!!

  2. i forgot how small they are too,
    and they came out so sweet,
    the color of twilight,
    like precious little stones
    one might pick up
    to remember a moment
    in time,
    it is good to make art
    even when the final piece
    is a soft whisper,

  3. These are gorgeous Lenna! I'm going to try and find some watercolour crayons... the colours seem more vibrant than the aquarelle pencils! Sandi

  4. nice inchies Lenna - love your technique for creating them. Also I absolutely LOVE the wonderful blue herron that visits you!!

  5. Hi just stumbled in here via and wanted to say this piece you created is so very beautiful, thanks for sharing how you achieved it, which made it more exquiste.



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