Monday, February 8, 2010

great white egret

great white egret 02.08, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
This is the first time i have seen this bird and he is standing on my front lawn. I hope you are not getting too bored with my bird and "florida" photos . . . i am totally loving all the new experiences and views of the world i am having since moving here from CT . . . and with me you know there will always be more art! (probably involving birds, coconut palms and long roads & paths!) -lenna young andrews - February 8, 2010


  1. I think it marvellous that you have these generally shy birds (where I come from originally: Trinidad) on your front lawn and so relaxed.

    Even here in the UK my only sighting of a grey heron was when I disturbed it by accident while it was looking for frogs in my pond.

    I look forward to seeing your bird and palm tree inpired art work.

  2. How fun to have all these birds so close. Congrats on your lottery win.

  3. I love these-you better keep posting them!!! LOL!

  4. I love your blog posts about the “Petting Aviary” even though I'm right there at the house enjoying it too!

  5. I am just downright jealous! LOL!

  6. Keep 'em coming, Lenna! An egret! That makes 5 different kinds up to now, or have I lost count?

  7. Hello Lenna,

    These are such lovely birds.:0)


  8. It is lovely to see all the birds ont your pictures. I als o saw this great white egret and I was very happy I was asble to make a picture of him while I was sitting in my car.
    By the way I live in the Netherlands where this bird lives aswell:-)



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