Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 different kinds of birds all together

well, some of you told me i better keep sharing my walks and the birds i see on them, so here goes! This morning i came upon a great white egret, a great blue heron, and four wood storks all hanging out together in the same yard. Another first for me to see all these birds together. I keep thinking all these amazing things i see are going to stop, but not yet, so i will keep enjoying and sharing...
Renate, i think you are right - it is 5 or possibly 6 different birds i've seen. Three of them are here, and then I may have seen a grey heron (or it could have been an immature great blue heron, i'm not positive). i've seen lots of ibis and also 3 green parrots! Well, also a bright red cardinal and some turkey vultures and morning doves, but i was really only counting the more unusual ones. There are more photos and slide shows on my flicker account, just click on the photo above and poke around. i would say i have been finding a creative outlet in taking LOTs of photos! 
lenna young andrews - february 9, 2010
p.s. i will be adding 4 new sets of ATCs for my Love Gone Wild swap to my creative swaps blog very soon, the deadline is approaching and the packages are coming in!


  1. okay.

    this is getting creepy.

    no, seriously, it's amazing! I would get such a kick living around such exotic (to me) creatures!

  2. OH tRISTAn, you make me laugh!! Hitchcock-esque and a little creepy that they are so tame but enchanting and marvelous none-the-less!
    : ) lenna

  3. Oh wow, Lenna. This is just unbelievable. I wonder when you will have a flamingo on your front lawn?

  4. OK, you're officially the "Bird Mamma"

  5. You really have landed in a birdy paradise, Lenna. And the birds are all so elegant and exotic. I love them all and can't get enough of the pictures!

  6. hey!
    where are the manatees?

  7. I am still into the birds!! LOL! What a hoot! Sure beats the 53 inches of snow we have had so far!!!! Send me the birds!!
    hugs, chris



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