Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Fever ATC

Over on the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group there is a Bi-Weekly Lotto for ATCs (artist trading cards) created on a theme. This time the theme was Spring Fever! Taking a nod and inspiration from the group's moderator Cindy McMath, I chose one of the images from ARTchix Studio's Hats in Bloom collage sheet. So much FUN!!
I used a piece of silk satin as my base from Mirah's Crafts in their 'mint cooler' shades. I backed it with a piece of watercolor paper, 2.5 x 3.5". My xyron adhesive machine was used to attach everything . . . running the watercolor paper through first and attaching it to the back of the silk satin. I used a flower stamp from CatsLife Press and VersaCraft ink in a variety of colors to stamp on the silk. My heat gun dried & set the ink. The curious woman is from the hats in Bloom sheet and the words are from the Her Words sheet.
I must admit these challenges push me a little to create and i think it's a good thing. How about you? Does it work that way for you?
lenna young andrews - February 28th, 2010.
Wow, tomorrow is March 1st, amazing!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

roads + paths - 4x4 swap

Over on my creative swaps blog I am hosting a 4x4 mixed media collage swap with a theme of roads + paths. I am the first the submit a set, but let's be fair - there is no mailing time for me and I just announced it! For my first set, I printed images directly onto a watercolor type paper and then used a wet brush to manipulate the printing ink. I think it gives the photo a watercolor-like appearance. Next, I added related rubber stamped words to the front and a bit of journaling to the back of each 4x4. There are 5 more to see (i made extras) on the creative swaps blog along with more info on the swap. Hope you enjoy, and possibly join us. It will be fun!
lenna young andrews - February 27th, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

new swap announced - 4x4 collage

Are looking for an artistic challenge and a chance to hold beautiful collages in your hands? Well, there is a new art swap/art exchange that i have just announced on my creative swaps blog. This exchange is a 4" x 4" collage swap, four pieces in exchange for four. It has what I think is both a thought provoking and interesting theme: Roads and paths - the swap details have more ideas on that theme.
I hope to see you in this swap! We certainly had a lot of fun with the ATC swap we just finished. Wow, such wonderful artwork was produced! Check it all out on the creative swaps blog -where I share all the artwork as it comes in. When the recent ATC swap was done I happily received a lot of great feedback. This was one of my favorite comments, from Sharon Walworth: "Promptness, enthusiasm, skilled scans/photos, high standards........ I always know that it is safe to join one of your swaps because, start to finish, it will be a pleasure." -thank you, Sharon! Everyone did a great job and I was very pleased - See all the swap details and register on the blog!
lenna young andrews - February 25, 2010

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthday Jewels

Frieda-made 4me closer look, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
My friend and artist Frieda Oxenham made this bracelet and sent it to me for my birthday! It is so lovely and unusual . . . truly one of my favorite bracelets! The colors and facets in the beads and the way it hangs with the curved gold tube beads ... mmmm!

I also just received a gorgeous pair of earrings made by my friend and artist Sharon Borsavage -wow!! I love the lotus flowers Sharon stamped and the delicateness of these earring. I am obviously very blessed in friendship, love and jewelry! 


-lenna young andrews - February 24th, 2010

Explore our paradise - thank you, Marion B!

Marion Bockelmann from Germany sent me the most beautiful and appropriate card. I felt I had to share it with you because it is so beautiful and i liked it so much. See what Marion made for me, below. It certainly reflects my life as of late. (she must have been looking at this blog!!) I must say I really had no idea what was in store for me when I moved to Florida in December, as far as birds and natural beauty were concerned. More photos of my recent encounters of the bird kind follow Marion's card for me.. .  Marion's blog is bockel24 - check it out to see more of her wonderful artwork. thank you so much, marion. i love this card!

click on any photo for lots more details . . .

yikes!!!!! All of those photos were taken in one day . . .  one day! (and i did not even share them all). I am grateful to have such beauty and inspiration. Thanks to you who wrote and said "keep 'em coming!"
xo lenna young andrews - February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Peterborough restoration complete!

My dad and my husband Steven worked together to restore the finish on the cedar strip canoe my dad made that has seen a lot of use. After they did much sanding, applying of epoxy and varnish, it is finished. I think it is one of the most beautiful boats I have ever seen! (oh, it paddles beautifully too!!) Click on the images for more detail....

On my original website, I have a diary of sorts with photos and notes that my dad sent us via email when he made a 'wee lassie' single-man canoe for Steven. Go to My Dad's art to learn more about how he makes these gorgeous boats - it is really something. I also have a set of photos on my flickr photos called: BYOB - Bring your own Boat (a Dale Andrews Boat!). One September weekend in 2006 when we lived near a small lake in Avon, CT we got family members to gather up boats my dad made. We had a canoeing/sailing party with a half a dozen of his gorgeous handmade boats, (and there are even a few more, wow!) Right now I am working on scanning photos of the 'melon seed' build, a 15.5 ft sailboat my dad built, cedar strip. Here is that boat below, along with the other boats my dad made we could rustle up that day. awesome!!!
lenna young andrews - February 23, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Challenge: Show Off Your Favorite Twinchie!

On My ARTistic Life -the blog of ARTchix Studio owner Helga Strauss, the challenge this week was to make a twinchie (2" square collages) and then make something with it! Helga said, "Frame it in a unique way, turn it into a cool card or piece of jewelry, a nice ornament for a friend....". Helga had a wonderful example on her blog of taking one of the Twinchies she made with paper and making into a pendant using a silver Memory Frame with a large glass insert to protect and enhance it -find out more on her blog. This gave me the idea to create a Twinchie out of fabric and then make it into a necklace!
I created a two-sided piece; here is the back:
The images I used are from the 'Chixies Bubbles' collage sheet, a collaborative effort, via an art swap that was hosted by Helga! The words are from one of the "Tell Me" collage Sheets. I find myself using these sheets all the time now. They often inspire or greatly add to the collage I am working on.

here's me with my necklace . . .

That was really fun to make! 

happy birthday to me! lenna young andrews -february 21st, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the egret visits -birds still going wild!

egret.visits3, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
February 17th, 2010 - in front of our house (that's our kitchen window!). A most gorgeous bird. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Canoe restoration continues . .

More sanding, more spreading of epoxy, and also talks about having confidence and diving in. Hmmm, it sounds like my dad and Steven could also be talking about art-making, and in fact, I know they were! (see my comment to this post). I am so glad they are working together, re-finishing this beautiful canoe my dad made. * A slide show with the restoration photos can be found here: florida three.

My day was spent not art-making, but art-sending. I completed swapping out the Love Gone Wild ATC swap and sent it out near and far. Please enjoy all the creative interpretations of the theme on my creative swaps blog. Note: I will be announcing a brand new swap that you could participate in, next week!
lenna young andrews - February 17th, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Peterborough Restoration

Peterborough Resoration 033, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
I have been just a little bit under the weather with a small cold and so I have not gotten out to walk and take pictures lately. But Steven and my dad are doing something cool and Steven snapped some photos! My dad built this cedar strip, featherweight canoe in the early 1990's and it has been used a lot. The bottom of it was quite scratched, so Steven and my dad decided to restore it by sanding it down and re-applying the epoxy finish. It is looking quite beautiful already and Steven is learning a few tricks from my dad. : ) Click on the picture for a couple more of the restoration and a few other recent additions. Lenna Young Andrews - February 16th, 2010

Twinchies Challenge

On Helga's blog: My ARTistic Life the challenge this past week was to make 3 or more twinchies (2" square collages) and add something recycled if you'd like. Cool! Remember the scans make them look larger . . . they are truly only 2" x 2"!

These little 2" square collages started out with a sturdy watercolor base I cut myself (not the straightest). To make it easier, you can purchase already cut pieces from ARTchix Studio. Since Helga suggested recycling, I went to my collage boxes (flat recycled cardboard boxes) and looked through. I had some images from ARTchix Studio that had been cut out but not used at the time and I grabbed those; the top collage has a transparency on the right. Then I spied photos of trees I had taken in CT and printed out onto clear transparency sheets. I saw a tea bag label, a postage stamp and some thin scraps pf paper and fabric -amazing what i saved that made the move from CT to FL! Some of the phrases from ARTchix's collection of word collage sheets were out on my work table and the rest i hunted down. To finish these tiny collages i looked for a texture or design stamp i could use on sections of my Twinchies, to pull them together. I used VersaCraft ink for the stamping to give me a rich, thick look and heat set it for permanence. Thanks for looking! lenna young andrews - february 16, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

skinny book pages for Trinka

Here is the second front and back "skinny page" that I've ever made as part of the 'Oh My Gothic' yahoo group. Go to this previous post to read more about the group and the exchange: new exchange: skinny pages. The page here is for Trinka Seals in Alabama who had 'Artist's Choice' as a theme, but noted that she liked Maps, Numbers, and Faces of Women. I will start with a close up of the top of the front page . . . Click on the scans for more detail.
This is a fabric page this time, using fabric I hand painted this summer for another project on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, Wolfe Island, Ontario Canada. The image above is from Alpha Stamps. Here is the entire front page, 4" x 8". 
Below is a detail of the wine glass charm i added. It was getting a bit rusty after washing the glass because of the metal tag I added. Steven thought we shouldn't use it anymore on the glass, so i put it in my art room . . . . 
it was karma that it ended up on Trinka's page, i guess!

I collaged and layered fabrics until I was happy with the arrangement and then started sewing pieces to the hand painted background fabric with my machine. When I had finished all of the sewing, I fused the front and back fabrics to a heavy interfacing called "fast 2 fuse". I had never used this before but picked some up because my friend Frieda Oxenham often talks of it, or something similar! I enjoyed using it. I could do my work separately on the fabrics, and then iron it to a sturdy base. voila'! Here's the other side:
Machine stitching, tiny Starfish, a Canadian "Toonie" and brass gears from ARTchix Studio. Below a close up of a gel medium transfer onto fabric printed with computer code. I did this front & back.

yes! hidden treasures can be found in art exchanges! I am happy to have the commitment to create a skinny page monthly for another artist on a theme of their choice, and receive from a different artist based on my theme of Love. Earlier this month I received a gorgeous fabric shinny page from Trudi Sissons in Alberta, Canada and Heather Robinson will be adding a page to my collection for February! lenna young andrews - February 13, 2010

Sharon Borsavage collage : )

I traded art pieces with Sharon Borsavage before I moved, late last year. It was really a great feeling to unpack her collage recently and hang it up on my studio wall. What a delicious find! Sharon and I have become good friends through our art and email, and we are now working together on altered books, a one on one exchange! with thanks and love to Sharon -i adore this collage! Lenna Young Andrews - February 13, 2010

American White Pelicans!

02.11- White Pelicans 2, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
I saw these 4 White Pelicans the other day . . . amazing! I had never seen a white pelican before, only brown ones. I was not sure what they were at first? I have been walking and take photographs every day, but not gotten here to blog about them . . . I've been busy instead with my ATC swap that's due next week - and also unpacking & organizing my studio. ; ^  ) You can take a quick look through my recent flickr photos by clicking on the photo above. You'll find more photos in both directions. I also have "sets" to manage my current obsession! : ))) having fun, lenna young andrews - February 13, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 different kinds of birds all together

well, some of you told me i better keep sharing my walks and the birds i see on them, so here goes! This morning i came upon a great white egret, a great blue heron, and four wood storks all hanging out together in the same yard. Another first for me to see all these birds together. I keep thinking all these amazing things i see are going to stop, but not yet, so i will keep enjoying and sharing...
Renate, i think you are right - it is 5 or possibly 6 different birds i've seen. Three of them are here, and then I may have seen a grey heron (or it could have been an immature great blue heron, i'm not positive). i've seen lots of ibis and also 3 green parrots! Well, also a bright red cardinal and some turkey vultures and morning doves, but i was really only counting the more unusual ones. There are more photos and slide shows on my flicker account, just click on the photo above and poke around. i would say i have been finding a creative outlet in taking LOTs of photos! 
lenna young andrews - february 9, 2010
p.s. i will be adding 4 new sets of ATCs for my Love Gone Wild swap to my creative swaps blog very soon, the deadline is approaching and the packages are coming in!

Monday, February 8, 2010

great white egret

great white egret 02.08, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
This is the first time i have seen this bird and he is standing on my front lawn. I hope you are not getting too bored with my bird and "florida" photos . . . i am totally loving all the new experiences and views of the world i am having since moving here from CT . . . and with me you know there will always be more art! (probably involving birds, coconut palms and long roads & paths!) -lenna young andrews - February 8, 2010

Inchies for Helga's challenge

InchiesLenna 2nd set, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Yes, these are only 1" x 1" even if the scan makes them look larger! On Helga Strauss' blog: - the challenge this week was get get inspired by making inchies and using the "power" of the number 3. Helga requested we limit ourselves to only 3 main items to play with and to please make one of your items something you've recycled.
So, I recycled some leftover bits of Helga's masterboard she gave us to work with for a challenge last summer. I had copied her collaged design onto fabric and had not thrown away the extra bits leftover after i made my ATCs for that challenge. So that was my base, on top of watercolor 1" squares. On top of that i added words from 'Her Next Words' collage sheet to make a fun found poem/line and then my third item was transparency squares from the 'Inchie World' transparency sheet -both Everything was assembeled with my xyron 2 1/2" sticker machine.
I love these challenges. They keep me thinking creatively, how cool is that? Thanks a million, Helga!

women, words and . . . ?

I was very lucky and won the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group's Bi-Weekly ATC Lotto! I had made an ATC on Joy's theme of red + white, uploaded it to the group, and found out last night that Joy's grandson had chosen my name in the random drawing, wow!! That means all the ATCs on that theme will be sent to me, and i get to choose the next theme for the bi-weekly drawing. I chose "Women, words, and . . . ? " - leaving the third element up to the participant. What i used as a third element above is, bright colors. I used a bright green watercolor crayons around the edge of the ATC, based on the bright colors in the image from ARTchix Studio. I hope you will check out the yahoo group, join if you don't already belong, and participate in this! lenna young andrews - february 8th, 2010

parrots and pirates?

pirates???, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Parrots and a Pirate flag is what i saw on my recent walk! I might add that the marina down the street from where we live is called 'Parrot Cove' Marina : 0 )

happy day! lenna young andrews - February 8th, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

another day in Cortez, FL . . .

another day in Cortez FL, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Another day, another Great Blue Heron, and i am obviously still really enjoying taking photographs on my walks. Our new neighborhood continues to delight and amaze me! If you have not visited my creative swaps blog lately, check it out for more art. All ATCs are due in my hands February 15th, and so there are a lot of wonderful new entries up on the site. enjoy! lenna young andrews - February 6, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

For Peggy: can you see me?

4Peggy can you see me?, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Here is a cropped portion of one of the page spreads i did in Peggy Gatto's 'In My Garden' Altered Book, part of the ABRR i am happily involved in this year. If you would like to see more of this page and others, click on the photo and it will take you to my flickr account where the rest of the photos are. if you are in the group & rather keep it a secret until it is in your hands -don't peek! lenna young andrews - February 5, 2010

A flock of Ibis

02.05- Ibis, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
This morning i left my house to walk, thinking it might be boring. Nope! I saw 3 wood storks AND a Heron feeding together, and then i ran across a whole flock of Ibis! Click on this photo for more. I typically start my day giggling, wondering what i will see next?
I also did two page spreads in Peggy Gatto's AB for the altered book group exchange I'm in . . . it was a lot of fun, and lots of layers! When i get those photos up on my flickr account, i will put a cropped picture here that links to them. : ^ ) lenna young andrews - February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

now an ibis!!!

2.4. closer, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
First we saw the storks, then the herons, AND now a white ibis!!! Now i really must agree with those of you who have been commenting, i think we ARE living in a bird sanctuary! See all the different wild birds we've seen in the very short time since we moved to Cortez, FL, here in a set: birds gone wild slide show.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Great Blue Heron and Grey Heron

2.3-greatBlueHeron3, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
I cannot even tell you how amazed i am to walk out my door every morning and see the most amazing things. i am sure it has to do with the fact that we now live only a couple of blocks from the Palma Sola Bay, in Cortez, FL (a fishing village) -but still! I am uploading one photo of a Great Blue Heron here. If you would like to see the Grey Heron (a different but similar heron -still spectacular) on a roof and also standing in the middle of the road, please take a look at my 'florida walks' slide show - the photos are nice & large. wow, i am simply amazed! lenna young andrews - 02/03/2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On my morning walks . . .

I am still surprised at the sites i see!
ah ha! So that's where the great blue heron has been, on one of my neighbor's roofs! We first saw him in our yard the other day, you can check him out in all of his glory, in an earlier post and see more photos of him on the roof in my florida walks set. Sometimes i think about leaving my camera home, but i am always, always glad when i take it with me -like today, when i saw this! : ) lenna young andrews - February 2, 2010