Monday, January 4, 2010

why i am here

mom and dad Fla. Dec. 2009, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
My sister sent some great pictures she took while visiting, this one of my mom and dad at home, here in Bradenton, Florida, Dec. 2009. My mom really does not like having her picture taken, but i love this photo and so i hope she won't mind! See the fireplace? We have been using it often as it was 41 degrees here this morning, very cold for Florida standards. brrrr! Dallas (my son) and Liz arrive tonight- I told them to ditch their bathing suits and bring sweaters instead! more photos click here.

lenna young andrews - January 4, 2010


  1. what a nice photo ... I wish I had one of my parents together before my father passed away.

    I see where you get your style!

  2. moms are funny about having their pictures taken,
    or i should say, women in general don't seem to care for it much as they get older, but it is a tasty portrait of the two of them, and one i'm sure you'll look back on with fondness, and your mom, looking like some regal dancer from the halls of europe, your dad knows,



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