Saturday, January 23, 2010

Venice, FL -Brohard Paw Park

venice FL -Brohard Paw Park, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
we visited another Dog Park/Dog Beach today -Brohard Paw Park. Wow, Florida is full of wonders!! More photos of the day if you click on the one above. Chloe & Asia enjoyed and it sure was good to get out and about, discovering instead of unpacking. Later, I did get into my studio for the first time since moving. i just pushed the boxes aside and finished my pages in Sharon Borsavage's altered book for our exchange. I won't share them with you until Sharon receives them, but it sure felt great to create! : ) Have a great weekend! lenna young andrews, january 23rd, 2010.


  1. you look so pretty!

    both of you look relaxed and peaceful ... very nice to see after your months of stress!

    what was the name of that song? "Pawprints on the Sand"?

  2. And the studio is "up" and working... great news!

  3. Tristan has it so right. You do indeed look lovely and so relaxed! And you got to Venice!! Okay it might not be Venice, Italy but it still looks like a gorgeous place!

  4. beautiful photo Lenna - your eyes are so pretty and loving.

  5. a thoughtful
    to far away,
    inside the mind,
    the world behind,
    nice pic



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