Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today was the day . . .

The Moving Van came from Connecticut with our furniture and boxes!

I am tired, but wanted to share these photos with you. Here is the home we are renting in Bradenton, very near Cortez, FL.

Look at the Coconut Palms in the front yard! We have been told a dozen or more coconuts drop every week, yikes! I guess I'll have to be careful getting to the front door -ouch!  ; ^ )

We saw 3 little wild green parrots flying when we took a walk around the neighborhood and when we stopped by a few days ago, a Wood Stork came to visit! This was taken right outside of the front window . . . click on any photo for more detail.

Here is my studio space before any furniture or boxes - i so look forward to working in it!!! lucky me.

I will be busy for a while now, but sure to pop back in as i can. We are still living in the cottage for now as we have it until the end of the month and slowly moving in to the new house. : ^ ) lenna young andrews - January 13th, 2010


  1. Oh, the house looks beautiful, Lenna. And what a lovely bird as well as trees. Can't wait to see more of it all. I bet you're both exhausted now but looking forward to being settled once again. And I'm sure the environment will give you a lot of inspirations. And finally thanks for importing my blog link and the heading above it brought tears to my eyes!! And that you took time to do that what with everything you have to do today already!

  2. A stork on your lawn?! That is so exotic!

    Have fun putting your new home together. It's only fun the first time - after that, all the moving around and rearranging is just called cleaning.

  3. Oh you lucky duck! Look at all that space, green trees, exotic birds.....I have chills thinking about it! Have fun getting organized, and be inspired by it all!

  4. that's a really nice area your in, I use to have a condo out on the Island, love that area.

  5. Yeah!! Doing the happy dance for yah LEnna!!!!! The house looks awesome and your art room is going to be fab. Just wait until you get it all setup and have all your goodies to play with again. FUN, fun..

  6. How wonderful that you will be able to create your own space again, have all your things around you. Have fun putting it all together!

  7. Yeah!! It will feel like home soon with all your own stuff!!

  8. yes, it looks warm and wonder-full,
    a new room for artsy stuff,
    little bits of stuff,
    we're not even sure
    what that stuff is,
    all we know
    is that
    it's the stuff
    we build dreams from,
    give her more stuff...

  9. Hey Lenna, just discovered your blog from a link at Tristan's. First off welcome to Florida, hope you have AC, LOL. Second I love your work, so many layers, pattern color and text. Can't wait to see how the heat and local fauna will inspire you.

  10. Lenna - it all looks so wonderful! I am so happy that you're off on a new adventure in life... always smiling, always creating! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new studio when everything is moved in! xoxox - Carla



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