Tuesday, January 26, 2010

power of 3 and the moon

I made myself rummage through my traveling supplies so i could participate in the current ARTchix challenge -  I still have not unpacked much in my art space! But the rummaging was worth it because i feel better already  : ^ ) and ready to take on my huge task of unpacking & setting up. Ha! we'll see . . . . i imagine i will just 'need' something in one of those boxes soon, and be forced into it!! Once i  start, i know i will enjoy the process, it's just thinking about it that is overwhelming. How many of you have moved? -my husband often reminds me, 3 times in 4 years- and had to break down & re-set up your art working space? you know what i mean!
For this week's challenge on Helga's blog, My ARTistic Life, she wrote: Get Inspired by the Power of 3! Make a piece of art that has 3 of something in it. You do not need to use ARTchix Studio products for Helga's artistic challenges, but i often do. For my challenge piece i used an image from Snowflake Kisses that i had reprinted onto vellum (bottom left) and 2 Transparency images from the Starry Night sheet. I also chose 3 different pieces of text from the Tell me more collage sheet. You can find all of these in the ARTchix Studio Shop!
I started by gathering the 3 images that i wanted to use, and then based on their "moon" theme, i looked for a background. I had a leftover piece of an old magazine page from creating a 'universe collage' a few months ago which i thought would be perfect. I glued that starry background piece to a watercolor postcard and played around with the placement of the women/moon images. Once satisfied with where i thought they looked best, i glued them down to the background paper with my mini xyron. Then i got out my circle template (Helga's gotten me into circles!) and used both a white opaque marker and a silver glitter marker to emphasize the "moons" and the power of 3! I also wanted 3 sets of words, and chose 3 different ones from one of Helga's word sheets (i use these sheets all the time) to create kind of a found poem: be in a dream, far far away, a deep dream of peace. Later, when i took the dogs out before bed, i looked up and saw the moon and gasped! i tried to capture a bit of what it looked like for me in florida; hope you enjoy! lenna young andrews - January 26, 2010


  1. Oh, beautiful, Lenna! And I can understand that unpacking all your studio materials must loom like a huge task but I'm sure you'll suddenly find the strength one of these days!

  2. Oh, this is beautiful, Lenna! Love your moon photo too! I can't stop putting circles and dots in my art either....I think I'm going to keep exploring them in my art this year. They're so much fun! Good luck with your unpacking in the future. No need to rush...take your sweet time. : )

  3. This looks peaceful, just like your photo! It's so lovely, and tranquil.
    Lenna, I believe you could ALWAYS find something to make art!



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