Friday, January 29, 2010

morning walks . . .

I have started walking in the morning around the neighborhood without the dogs, for a little more exercise for myself and time out alone. The dogs get plenty running around with Steven and on our afternoon walks and visits to my parent's house with my mom's 2 big dogs, Anika & Imp.
it has been low tide when i go, and this morning was the lowest i had seen -and the most beach i had ever seen at the teeny tiny city park at the end of our street. I walked on the beach for a while before meandering down the little neighborhood streets again, and what did i see but two wood storks slurping up a delicious breakfast! Since i had vowed not to feed them when they came to our door, this made me feel a whole lot better . . .
still amazed i am here in florida!
it is very good to be here, to be able to see my mom and dad so often and their home grown oranges and avocados are simply the best! I will have more art to share with you soon - I have a scanner now which will make it easier . . .  and I am actually making quite a bit of progress unpacking & setting up my art space -wow! that's exciting! : ^ ) lenna young andrews, January 29th, 2010.


  1. I bet the walks are helping with the un packing! I always find I am more relaxed and clear headed after a walk, even if I felt really tired before. Your photos are lovely Lenna :)

  2. What beautiful scenery you have for your walks, Lenna! I'm sure you are loving it - and being close to your parents to boot!

    Glad your studio is coming along - am looking forward to your Valentine swap to see what comes my way. . .

  3. Sounds like you are settling in. Glad to see those wood storks having breakfast!! LOL

  4. i can't believe you
    are in florida either,
    sweet looking outdoors,
    and such silly birds,
    they must belong
    to the art-elves,
    happy arting,

  5. Your new neighbourhood really looks stunning, Lenna. What a delightful place to take a walk! Good luck with the rest of all the unpacking.



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