Saturday, January 30, 2010

for sharon, 1st page spread

Sharon Borsavage and I are doing an altered book exchange together. We fell upon this after Sharon found my blog, fell in love with my work (and vise-versa!) and we decided we wanted to do a one on one exchange together, and alter old books.

The theme of my book for our exchange is nature, and Sharon's theme is birds (my work in it shown above). We both have been really busy but i squeeked out some art time to play in her book and sent it off to her on Monday. Sharon is finishing up arting in my book and will be sending it to me soon. Then we will both do some more work in our own books and exchange again until the pages run out or we feel the books are complete.

Since Sharon has received her book with the pages I altered, I can share them with you now. I have quite a bunch of photos of my work in her book, so I have simply put one favorite here. iI you click on this photo you will go to my flickr account where you will find even more and descriptions with each photo. A slide show of our collaborative work so far is here: Altered Book Collaboration. I am really having fun altering books again after a bit of a break, and it is especially meaningful to me to work with another artist i admire, all the while getting to know her better and having her high caliber of artwork encourage me to stretch and grow and love!
-enjoy! lenna young andrews -January 30th, 2010


  1. What a great project to do together--can't wait to see more!!

  2. This is my favourite so far too, Lenna! Lovely work!

  3. what great artsy surprises
    you are creating
    for each other,
    it always seemed a neat idea,
    to take the art from ones heart
    and send it to he or she...

  4. Sensational spread in what sounds like a great collaborative project.

  5. Lovely spread and I loved looking at the collaboration so far. Can't wait to see how this develops!

  6. Lenna, Loved these, went through them a couple of times. Now I know how I'll do my "I love winter project" even though I'm not to thrilled this year.

  7. An altered book exchange is such a wonderful idea!
    I have recently discovered the art of altering books and I'm having so much fun with it ...
    Very beautiful pages!


  8. And here is the lovely bird art already. Gorgeous pages. Can't stop looking at them. Just wish I wasn't overseas so that makes this kind of swap a lot harder to participate in. But I'm enjoying sharing yours!



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