Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chloe spies the wood stork

chloe spies the wood stork, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
This is the second time the wood stork has come to visit us! He is very brave and comes right up to the door, practically. If you click on the photo it will bring you to more photos of the stork and a few of us moving into our new place in Florida.

I unpacked a LOT today and found places for many things but i still have a long way to go, especially in my studio. I have faith i will get there! I have work to do in Sharon Borsavage's altered book, and I have Peggy Gato's AB to work on for another exchange. I do look forward to that! Unfortunately, my scanner died in the move, so we will have to go get another one. I especially need it for my current ATC swap. But there is music in the house today as we set up our new system of computer/speakers, dvd player/flat panel screen in the living room. I can play cd's through the computer or Pandora and that is a welcome sound. Thanks for checking in : ) There will be more art forthcoming as i get organized here! lenna young andrews - January 21st, 2010


  1. Sounds wonderful, take your time nothing is going to move without you. It will be fun setting up your studio. I am laughing about Chloe and the wood stork...hehehe..

  2. Everything will fall into place eventually! The woodstork is probably a big strange-looking bird to Chloe!

    Have fun with your studio!

  3. You, Steve, and the dogs all look happy settling into your new home! That woodstork might be wondering what you are doing in his 'home' tho!

  4. Take your time to get it right, once everything is unpacked, you won't want to move everything around again.

  5. I don't envy you Lenna...I don't like packing or unpacking!

    That pic of Chloe is wondeful, so adorable. I'd be in my glory to see those kinds of birds in my yard!!

    Looks like we will be working on the same thing this weekend!!

  6. Thanks for all your encouraging comments, i needed to hear them!! As many of you have said, things will get moved in.
    Sharon, you are right, we will both be working on each other's books this weekend -how cool is that? You would be especially in *Awe* of this visiting wood stork! he (or she) is amazing -inspiration for me for your 'bird' book. xo lenna

  7. Loved seeing all the pictures and although I'm sure it will take a lot more time before everything is unpacked and has found its proper place you look so happy already to be there. And aren't you lucky to have your live-in technical expert!



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