Sunday, January 31, 2010

and now a blue heron . . .

and now a blue heron, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
First, we were visited by wood storks, and now a great blue heron!!! The bird pictured here visited our front yard in Cortez, FL today -click on the photo to see more!
I Googled 'great blue heron' and found out it is the most common and largest of North American herons. This is a wading bird found along coastlines, in marshes, or near the shores of ponds or streams. . . and we live very near the Palma Sola Bay.
"Great blue herons' size (3.2 to 4.5 feet/1 to 1.4 meters) and wide wingspan (5.5 to 6.6 feet/1.7 to 2 meters) make them a joy to see in flight. (which we did see today) They can cruise at some 20 to 30 miles (32 to 48 kilometers) an hour." -you can find more info here, on the National Geographic website.
wow!! I love this photo I took of Steven and our visitor. It is not an everyday occurance that you get to stand next to a great blue heron . . . . hmmm, well maybe it will be, in our new home!


  1. I think I have to move to Florida!
    You are a lucky duck!!

  2. I am getting the feeling you are living in a bird sanctuary! Just look at those gorgeous feathers!

  3. Oh my gosh! I can't believe how close he's standing to the blue heron. We see them on ponds and lakes here in north Georgia, but they always seem to fly away when I'm trying to get a closer look.

  4. how beautiful!

    when do the flamingos visit?!

  5. Oh wow, you can see how large this bird is comparing it to Steven. What a treat to have it come so close. I can see a lot of bird related art coming from all those beautiful birds on your lawn!



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