Saturday, December 26, 2009

Valentine Twinchie swap!

Christy Laudig is hosting a Valentine Twinchie swap (2" x 2" tiny collages) and asked me to join! This is a 4 for 4 swap due January 28th, but I decided to do mine early because next month we will be busy with moving! We have a house lined up to rent, starting January 15th and that is when our furniture and things will finally come down from Connecticut! Christy said, *Think Valentine’s Day* and this is what I came up with - 4 for the swap, plus 2 extra Twinchies. I think they would make a great center piece for a card!

These are 2" square plain pieces of watercolor paper that I used a red watercolor crayon on, to add color to. I applied the crayon to the outer edges only and then used a wet water brush to drag the color towards the middle so it varied in intensity. Then I took images from Vintage Image Madness - the Passionate Pursuits collage sheet and cut the image out in a heart shape. I stamped the 2" square with silver stars after the watercolor had dried and then laid the romantic heart shaped image on top. I also added words from ARTchix Studio's Tell Me More collage sheet that were perfect! I finished the edges with a silver metallic marker and splattered just a bit of the same ink on the squares. I can't help but do this! - happy valentine's a wee bit early! lenna young andrews - december 26th, 2009.


  1. Sure hope I get one of these beauties, as I am in the swap also! Love them, Lenna! Will have to wait till I return to Ohio to start on mine; but have a few ideas in my head!!

    Happy New Year in your new abode!!!

  2. WOW! Lenna got with it and she beat everyone to the punch. I haven't even THOUGHT about mine glad to see your lovely Twinchies...and can't wait to see them in person.

    Thanks for the inspiring commentary on how you made your Twinchies.


  3. Oh, thank you so much for your comments. I had to get started on mine early because of our 2-step move, with the next step around January 15th, yikes. I so appreciate the invite Christy and it was great fun to make them. The commentary just seems part of my process now . . . love, lenna!

    l e n n a . y o u n g . a n d r e w s
    artist and instructor

    Do not fear mistakes - there are none.
    -- Miles Davis

  4. Love and romance, what could be better suited to you!! They look lovely!



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