Saturday, December 26, 2009

new exchange - skinny book pages . . .

. . . earlier this year i was asked to join the "oh my gothic" yahoo group, which started out a couple of years ago making and exchanging gothic arches. Then the group moved into making/exchanging house-shaped collages and starting in 2010, the group will be creating 4" x 8" 'skinny book' pages. This size, shown above, is an interesting and new shape for me!
The idea is you create a single page, both front and back for your mailing partner that month based on her theme, her likes & dislikes. The front and back of the pages above are for Connie Senyitko, my January partner. Connie let the group know that she liked anything vintage; vintage images of children, birds, nests, flowers, quotes . . . . so i hunted around in my somewhat limited supplies (still awaiting the moving van/my studio proper, around january 15th) and found some things i felt worked, hooray! You will find I used collage images from ARTchix as well as Victorian Birds & nests. On the back i used a whimsical old postcard of children and birds that i have had for a long time; it came off my studio wall & into my art bag, but i thought it was just perfect for this project. I added color to the plain white watercolor paper page with my watercolor crayons, and i added some rubber stamping with an Azure Blue StazOn ink pad and a Brilliance Platinum Planet (silver) pad. I finished the edges with a 14K Gold metallic marker and could not help splattering a bit of the ink on the pages as well.

Each month, for 15 months, we will receive a 'skinny book' page based on our theme and when the exchange is over we can bind them together and have a very cool book that was created collaboratively! The theme for the pages I will receive is * * Love * * with my 'likes' listed as: fabric, flowers, leaves, creative & unusual approaches & techniques, meaningful quotes, you having fun with my pages, and what love means to you. I love nature and a natural look.
It is very exciting to be involved! thanks to Debby Harrietta for inviting me! lenna young andrews - december 26th, 2009.


  1. Ah, simply stunning, Lenna. You seem to have brought just the right supplies with you. And you're such an early bird with this swap too!! I'm sure Connie will love her first page!!

  2. These pages are so pretty and I like how this swap is being presented...what a keepsake it will be.

    Have a lovely day,

  3. Wow Lenna, this is gorgeous! Your limited supplies seem to be working out just fine. :)

    Cindy :)



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