Wednesday, December 16, 2009

De Soto National park

De Soto National park, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

There is so much natural beauty here in the Bradenton, FL area. I am really enjoying our daily walks and I'm using my camera a lot. When we get settled and the moving truck comes down with all my "stuff" including my scanner and printer, I can see myself using photos like this one in my art. Hmmm, transparencies, fabric transfers . . . to view more Florida photos, click on the photo above.

I did create my silver and white ATCs yesterday. This was a challenge considering I am working out of a bag and a box for a studio!! But they need to be received by my exchange-mates before I share them with you, so look for them down the road.

Our good news is, Steven & I have found a year long lease, a house that suits us, yay! It is one block from a small park with a tiny beach. The dogs can run there & Steven can put in a canoe and paddle to his hearts content! The house is larger than the cottage we are in now and will fit all our furniture. It has extra bedrooms so friends and family can visit and even a whole bedroom for my studio.

I have called our moving company and they will "release" our things in storage on January 11th. There is a 4-8 day window of arrival in Florida after the release because there will be 3-5 families items on one large tractor trailer. Can you imagine? I have never done an out-of-state move before, so this was all new to me. But, this means sometime between January 15-21 we will be in a more permanent situation and I can start putting my studio back together! : > )
lenna young andrews - Decemember 16th, 2009


  1. All good news Lenna! I'm so glad that settling in to Florida is going so smoothly for you and Steve!

  2. This is all such fantastic news, Lenna, I'm sure you'll be welcoming your packed studio with open arms! Can't wait to see what you have come up with for our Silver and White cards. And looking forward to pictures of your new home.

  3. So glad you and Steve have found a home in FL. It will be fun to fill that new house with your things and get your studio set up! Your pictures are bea-U-T-ful!!

  4. That is a gorgeous pic Lenna!! You must be thrilled that you found a more permanent place, and I can't imagine your anticipation to receive your "stuff"! It's all very exciting and I am so happy for you!!

  5. Such good news, Lenna! So glad you have found something suitable. It will be so much more home, when you have all your stuff again - and your studio!! Love that photo of the sand and shells...

  6. oh- that brings back memories of moving from Connecticut to Montana...It feels like christmas x10 to finally unpack your things. Even the shabbiest feel like golden statues. Happpy Christmas Lenna!



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