Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christy's Altered Book

crop.Christy, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Here is a cropped portion of one of the pages I did in Christy Laudig's Altered Book for our RR exchange. This is the first art I have done since . . . the middle of November, I think? wow, three weeks with no art is a long time for me!
To see the pages I did, plus Christy's Sign in page and Cover, click on the image above. This is a transparency from ARTchix Studio - in fact, one of my favorites, which i layered on top of confetti vellum. The delicious words are from ARTchix as well. Or follow this link to my altered book set to see the pages in this book and more - enjoy!
lenna young andrews - December 5th, 2009.


  1. Wow Lenna...I don't know what to say!!! These are jaw dropping....I sooo love them, the poetic is my favorite!

  2. sharon is right,
    these images
    really are nice,
    a little art break
    did not hurt,
    you've still got it girl,
    whatever it is,

  3. Love your pages!!
    I just finished your pages and I had a ball!
    Have an award for you on my blog!



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