Monday, November 16, 2009

blue moos ARTchix Studio Swap!

Helga Strauss offers some wonderful opportunities for collaborative Swaps over at ARTchix - read all about the Blue Moos mini card swap here.
I made 6 mini cards (1"x 3") for the swap and 2 extra just for fun. This was a little 'mental health break' for me while i was packing up my entire studio!!!!!!!!!! yikES! We are leaving our home, which recently sold, and driving to our new home: Florida, in less than 2 weeks. Click on the image below for a bit more detail. For these mini cards I used a color copy onto FABRIC of the Snowflake Kisses collage sheet from ARTchix Studio. I love how the images reprinted onto fabric; it gave them a nice, soft hand. I used my xyron machine to attach the images to watercolor cards. Then I used a silver glitter marker to add a border and small dots of silver glitter to the mini cards. I used a fine tip permanent black pen to write the word blue . . . and add a few cross-stitches. Then i popped them in the mail, just in time for the November 16th deadline!!!!!!! Again, i am grateful to Helga for all the inspiration she provides me! lenna young andrews, november 16th, 2009


  1. These are so sweet.

    I"ve never thought about putting fabric through the xyron machine! What a good idea! I"ve used it for just about every other kind of supply, but never fabric!

    I can't believe you're making art while you're packing LOL

  2. 'blue moos' came out very nice,
    a serene quality, caught in the middle
    of you're packing chaos,
    not easy to do,
    they remind me of some hazy,
    timeless, reverie,
    such delicate memories,
    in such a small treasure....

  3. These are so soft and gentle...peaceful looking Lenna...I love the cross stitches - they finish them.



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