Monday, November 30, 2009


This is a very familiar site to us now . . . the GPS! Steven just got it for the car specifically for this trip, although he has used them in boats for years. They're cool devices, sometimes a bit quirky. It takes a little getting used to, but it's not that hard to figure out. We do make jokes about all the "recalculating" the voice commands have to do because we want to take a different route (less mountainous) that would work better for towing a trailer-full of boats! We started making up stories of how the woman's voice giving us directions was going to get mad at us and say things like, "Do you people have any idea where you're going?!" Hmmm, can you tell we have been spending many many hours in the car with this GPS? ;^ ) Today was better because we did not get stuck in traffic for 2 hours. Driving 9 hours was an improvement over 12! And we arrived to our motel at 7pm instead of 9pm, which was much more favorable. Time to unwind after a day like this . . . . pups have their own platform beds . . .

we stopped a lot for gas, to walk the dogs, stretch our legs . . .

of course we argued over little things spending all that time together -but we still smiled . . . . don't you like my mom's sunglasses? ; ^ ) I'm bringing them down to her!!!!

We are in Port Wentworth, GA tonight. Tomorrow is the last leg of our trip and with any luck, we should be at my parent's house in Bradenton, FL late tomorrow afternoon.
amazing. it still has not hit me that we have moved, or are moving . . . . we will stay in a rented furnished cottage for 2 months, near my parents and look for another more permanent place to live after that time is up. Get our stuff -ooh how i grew to hate that "stuff" this past week especially (movers came 2 days ago) -out of storage and into a new place. We are really considering renting now instead of buying, but we'll see what happens when we look. Time to rest up now for the last leg. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Like my friend Sharon Borsavage said to me, maybe i should get this journey into a journal or altered book?! love, lenna young andrews - November 30, 2009.

on the road

yes, we are on our way!
we drove 12 hours the first day because of Thanksgiving traffic around Harrisburg, PA; this held us up for about 2 hours going about 10mph -arg. But we made it about 500 miles to Staunton, Virginia with 2 dogs, a stuffed car and 6 boats in tow. We got a lot of stares at all of my dad's lovely handmade boats during our travels. Obviously, we have wireless internet at our dog-friendly motel! We are about to head off for another 500 miles, another 10 or 12 hours to outside of Savannah, GA. The last day of driving will hopefully be the easiest with 400 miles . . .
Steven took the photo below this morning across the street but wants to send it around saying it is where we stayed the night in Virginia!!!

love : ) lenna young andrews - november 30, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

thankful, yes.

This was earlier this afternoon . . .
now the pile is even bigger and i am taking a break!

We are working away, it seems up to the last minute to get the packing job done. The moving truck comes Saturday. It is really hard to imagine all you have collected until you need to pack it and move it. I gave myself some time off from packing this afternoon to make a little video photo montage . . .

This is sure to be my last post for a while. The modem and computers are shut down on Saturday and we start our drive to Florida on Sunday. I do have a couple of exchange projects i need to do for Colour Groupies and ABRR, but they will have to wait. No time for that before we go!

i am thankful and blessed. love to you, lenna young andrews, november 26, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

moving towards Florida

It was last week i think when i wrote about moving . . . . we have sold our home and are heading towards Bradenton, Florida where my mom and Dad live in about a week or so... Nov. 29th.
Amazing! Still hard to believe. We have concentrated our efforts recently on selling and giving away anything we don't need so we do not have to move it, and I have been working on packing up my studio. This is probably the largest area to pack in the entire house I must say, sheesh! Today I can proclaim that the job is done and my studio is looking rather sad . . .

I have added my sewing machine to my bag and box of traveling art supplies-my portable studio- along with a small box of loved CDs . . . i will be sure to stash these items in the car before the moving van arrives! thank you for the reminders; I am sure i will need help remembering things by the time moving day comes . . . phew!
Steven in the meantime, has been perfecting the 'Dale Andrews (my dad) Boat Trailer' . . . adding cross supports, padding, and now tying down all the boats my dad made, plus squeezing in 2 of his own kayaks. Steve will test the rig out on Sunday when he trailers it down to his brother's house in Mystic and they'll use a professional boat shrink wrap system on the boats to help cut down on the wind drag. wow!!!

Yes, my father made ALL of those wooden boats . . . and Steven wants to get them safely to him. When we get settled in Bradenton, Steven plans to get my dad to show him some of the tricks of his craftsmanship. And tomorrow I'll start boxing up the contents of our home which I know will be a lot easier than my studio!

I will be back again before we leave on our adventure . . . lenna young andrews, November 19, 2009.

Monday, November 16, 2009

blue moos ARTchix Studio Swap!

Helga Strauss offers some wonderful opportunities for collaborative Swaps over at ARTchix - read all about the Blue Moos mini card swap here.
I made 6 mini cards (1"x 3") for the swap and 2 extra just for fun. This was a little 'mental health break' for me while i was packing up my entire studio!!!!!!!!!! yikES! We are leaving our home, which recently sold, and driving to our new home: Florida, in less than 2 weeks. Click on the image below for a bit more detail. For these mini cards I used a color copy onto FABRIC of the Snowflake Kisses collage sheet from ARTchix Studio. I love how the images reprinted onto fabric; it gave them a nice, soft hand. I used my xyron machine to attach the images to watercolor cards. Then I used a silver glitter marker to add a border and small dots of silver glitter to the mini cards. I used a fine tip permanent black pen to write the word blue . . . and add a few cross-stitches. Then i popped them in the mail, just in time for the November 16th deadline!!!!!!! Again, i am grateful to Helga for all the inspiration she provides me! lenna young andrews, november 16th, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

page from nature AB

page4, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
When writing here last week about an upcoming AB exchange with Sharon Borsavage, I only showed the cover of my own book and directed you to flickr to see more. In looking over the photos again tonight, i wanted to show at least one of the pages in my book here too. I really like this page with the use of a transparency-printed photo of my dad, mom & sister in my dad's handmade boats, Lumiere paint, layers of paper and fabric and rubber stamping. The old post card i snuck in there is cool too - I hope you enjoy! Sharon will be getting her book to me i believe, after i have moved to Florida (we are leaving 11/29/09) and i will be so happy to work in it then, I am sure! So, more Altered Book art from us to come in the future : ) Lenna Young Andrews, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November :: Colour Groupies ATCs

4 caryl hoobler, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

For November, the colors for the Colour Groupies ATCs are Yellow & Brown, just perfect for this time of year! Because of a postal strike in Scotland, which fortunately is settled for now, Frieda sent her ATCs out a little early. I loved the card she enclosed her November ATC in so much, that i used it both directly and color copied it to make my ATCs and the cards to enclose them in. Click on the photo above to see Caryl Hoobler's card & ATC in full, plus all of the rest I created for this month's exchange.

I used the actual card, cut up for most of the ATCs, but some are copies like I used on the cards. I placed the patterned card section on top of brown cardstock sized 2.5 x 3.5", then accentuated the yellow and brown areas with watercolor crayons and pencils. I punched out yellow flowers and stars, glued them on, and then used a yellow-gold Brilliance ink pad and a feather stamp to add pattern to the edges of the ATCs. The fortunes are not available anymore; they are old fabric images from ARTchix Studio. You could make your own, though! I hope you enjoy. I made these a while ago . . . still waiting for Debby's to arrive in Canada, but she has promised not to peek -allowing me to do my art housekeeping before we move!

p.s. moving update: my studio shelves are almost completely bare, yikes!! lenna young andrews, November 11, 2009

AB RR -altered book round robin -Gigi's Book

crop 4Gigi.1, originally uploaded by creativelenna.
Here is a small portion of my altered book spread in Gigi Lorenc-Gibson's book. Her theme is Enchantment. Gigi told us she loves shiny things, glitter and ribbon. For this altered page I used a color copy of a painting by John Singer Sargent that I think embodies enchantment. To see more, and to read a few of the details behind the altering, click on the photo above! thanks, lenna 11/11/09

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

boat racks and boxes

I am still in my studio boxing things up for our move with an occasional time-out for art for exchanges . . . more on that tomorrow. But, my studio shelves are looking quite empty now. I must say I'm moving through the work without too much distraction! There are some rubber stamps I stop and hold for a minute, saying goodbye to them for a few months, 'till we have a new home, some other stamps that I decide must be tucked into my "art for the road" box. Then there is old correspondence I've saved for years that I can't help but stop and read, shifting through stuff -deciding to let go of some . . . fabric to pick through -choosing a few small bits to take with me, images to look through and stash in my art bag, so many pieces of art to look at as I pack them, cards and gifts people have sent . . . but I have not been way-lay ed too much. Listening to music I continue to chip away at it. The pile of boxes is getting quite large now! Moving long distance to Florida means paying by the pound when it is delivered, so I am trying to make good decisions. When the studio is more packed up I will take another photo and you will be amazed. This is after giving away and selling a large part of my art supplies this spring, in preparation for now!

My husband Steven has been selling leaf blowers, snow blowers, old desks, washers and dryers to name a few; using Craigslist to clear these things out! He has given both of his brothers most of his father's sculptures and paintings and also extra tools and dive tanks he does not want to pay to move. Steven made a canoe and kayak rack today to go on top of the trailer that tows the Melonseed sailboat. My father made both the sailboat and the canoes himself out of cedar strips. We will be towing them down to him now . . . . It is so cool. See photos below.

We have secured a cottage to rent while looking for a new place - the lease is on it's way, phew. Both of my sons have asked to come visit soon after we get to Florida -one in December and the other in January, hallelujah!! That is my 'moving report' for now! I will be back with some art tomorrow. : ) yours creatively, lenna young andrews -November 10, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

packing up

Packing is hard work, especially when the moving van is coming in only 3 weeks! I had to have a little fun with all this work, so i took these photos of packing up in my studio and the box and bag that will be my quote, "studio" for probably the next 2 months. I am sure this small amount of art stuff will serve me well!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

AB Exchange with Sharon Borsavage

cover, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is the cover of my altered book with a theme of Nature -the incredible beauty of it. I take so many photos when out walking that I couldn't resist choosing this theme. On the cover has an image transfer of a photo I took out in the woods, transfered to fabric. Then I used my xyron to adhere the fabric to the cover of an old music book. For more photos of the pages I did, click on the cover!

I am altering this book in collaboration with Sharon Borsavage, who is so kindly putting up with me entering into this exchange with her as I am about to move - from CT to Florida!! We are doing a 1-1 exchange, working in each other's altered books, in a very unscheduled manner as we are both quite occupied theses days. But you should see new work in both books every so often on both of our blogs in the months to come. We hope you enjoy, as we know we will! ~ lenna young andrews, November 4th, 2009 -- please note our moving out date is November 28th with the closing here in Avon on November 30th. After that, we are off to join my parents in Bradenton, Florida - halelujah! So if I am scarce, this is why : ))