Wednesday, October 7, 2009

time for family

-That is a photo of my mom (and me as a babe!) featured on an ATC made for a "we are family" ATC swap I hosted in 2006! I wanted to share these ATCs here again as I'm off to spend time with my mom and dad in Florida for a few days -till Monday! I so look forward to our visit.
I loved making these ATCs. The one below, I even turned into a postage stamp via zazzle. So cool! You can create all kinds of things through zazzle, check it out!
I will get back to my collaged notebooks when I return and share them with you when more are finished. I have some recent collage art and mail art i did to add here, but i will wait until I have some down time in Florida to do that. Mom lets me use her computer, and steven has given me a program where i can remotely hook into mine and grab my photos, documents or whatever! till then, be good & enjoy. lenna young andrews, October 7th, 2009.


  1. These are soooo lovely Lenna...I am going to check out Zazzle now! I love the nostalgic look of them...and your Mom is gorgeous!! Have the best trip EVER! Thinking of you.

  2. This are such beautiful family ATC's, Lenna! Have a wonderful visit with you parents! The words on your ATC's say it all - cherish, love, family - our families are the most precious of all!

  3. Have a great time visiting your parents, Lenna! The family ATCs are wonderful - I'm wondering where I have my old family pics...

  4. These are fantastic, Lenna. What a wonderful way to make family pictures even more of a treasure.



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