Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fall colours

-my October 13th walk brought with it the beauties you see above! what a wonderful way to enjoy the day and the changing temperature . . .


  1. I am very jealous of that walk...wish I could have taken it with you! Love your pooch, I just want to hug him!! I have a jack russel that is 12 years old with cataracts, and my daughters 2 year old long haired mini dachsund, so you can imagine the noise in my house!

  2. Love your "fall" collection - lovely treasures! And the Royal Bird group is gorgeous!

  3. thank you for these colorful pictures!
    Sweet doggy!!!

  4. Oh, that stil-life is so stunning, the colours, the textures, all really beautiful together! And I'm with Sharon about the dog, just want a big cuddle and a hug. What an adorable face!

  5. beautiful photo Lenna!
    your little buddy is adorable :)



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