Saturday, October 17, 2009

journals/notebooks -progress!

10.09-1819, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

These are the journals/notebooks i am collaging/ altering/ making for sale . . . What you see here is what i have done so far, minus the one my friend Sharon Borsavage bought : ))) i do so enjoy this work of gathering items and putting them together while rediscovering music on my laptop out in the studio! I plan to have at least a dozen to bring to a local gift shop my husband's cousin owns. I am lucky she loves my notebooks and is looking forward to having more in her shop! Click on the photo above to go to closeups of all of them. lenna young andrews, October 17, 2009.


  1. these are beautiful!!
    maybe one of these days I can treat myself !

  2. Thank you, Ann!
    Whatever the shop owner doesn't need I will add to my etsy site which has lain quiet for a while. You will find them there in a week or so...

  3. What gorgeous journal books!! Your work is such an inspiration - thanks!

    (another ARTchix fan)



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