Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Circle Challenge

10.20.09-circleChallenge, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is what i did for Art Challenge #1 (of 9): Get inspired by Pattern! - found on Helga Strauss' My Artistic Life Blog Challenges. Wow, thank you Helga! this exercise was just what i needed today . . . a little art therapy for me while i also discovered some very cool backgrounds that i may employ for my next project. Cool! I love your challenges because they always make me stretch and try something new. I am so grateful to you for that experience that you consistently bring me.

Above I used water color crayons and a big pad of paper -mine was 10"x 14". I divided the sheet into 6 grids. Top left was freehand circles with a crayon - i colored the background too. The middle top square = sequin waste as a stencil. I colored in some circles with crayons, and when some washed away as i wet the crayons, i stenciled some Dye-Na-Flow through the sequin waste instead. Top right is a button i traced with the crayons; everything was wet with water to activate when i was done filling in the squares.

Bottom left - painted a blue background with water color crayons and let dry, then dotted with white acrylic paint directly from the tube! I also used a white marker to circle the paints and add dots. Middle bottom square was tracing a Lumiere paint jar . . . . and the bottom right = using a circle template and tracing various sizes. I really enjoyed this exercise, Helga & can't wait to see next week's! awesome! yours creatively, lenna young andrews, October 20th, 2009.


  1. Ooh, fantastic circles and dots, Lenna!! Looks like you had fun, hooray! Always a pleasure seeing you in my art challenges! Hold onto your grid...you're going to need it for the next challenge tomorrow. : )

  2. oh, what fun! i've got it saved in a big pad of paper and i am ready for more. Bring it on tomorrow! thanks again, helga!

  3. What a fun Blog you have! I like your art work too! I'm sending you an E-mail about an art exchange, I hope you'll join us!

  4. This is sooo cool Lenna! You have made circles into lovely works of art!



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