Saturday, October 10, 2009

art sent!

i am still in Florida visiting with my parents but thought i would catch up and post some recent art and mail art sent to friends before i left! more photos and art when i return early next week.


  1. Your mail art is just sooooo awesome!

  2. As I read this new post I can hardly keep my eyes open, yet I keep clicking on the little links at the bottom of the post"You might like this"...and again I am transported to another new world with you Lenna......a BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLD!! You knoooowww how much I looooove your all your art, and your mail art is tHE BEST!! You are mail art QUEEN!

  3. Hi Lenna, These are gorgeous; as is all of your work. I have been subscribed to your blog for a while now and happily following your art trail.... I've just become a follower with the google friend thingy...
    I have also just received my copy of 1000 Journal pages from Amazon and love your work in that too...! You are such an inspiration!
    Sandi (from rural Australia)

  4. Thank you all! what lovely, sweet comments which are truly appreciated : )



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