Friday, September 25, 2009

Orange and Green ATCs

The Colour Groupies group is at it again -the fab 5 who make ATCs on a color combination theme every month! For October our color-combo is "orange and green" and I just got word that everyone has received their ATCs from me, so I can share them now.
This month I decided to make nature printed ATCs for my friends and pulled out my Lumiere paints, which have a lovely sparkle.
I used both halo Pink Gold and halo Blue Gold, which really do look orange & green with a shimmer of gold added! You can read a brief description on how to do nature printing within my free fabric stamping tutorial that is up on the site.
For Tristan. . . .

For me! . . . .

Below, for Frieda . . . .

For Debby . . . .
and for Caryl . . . .
To make these cards I took plain white cards, about 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size and used real leaves and Lumiere paints for the nature printing. I made 5 ATCs for the group plus a few extras, very similar to these, that I could give to friends as gifts. When the paint was dry I took a number of fun unmounted quote stamps from Zettiology and stamped on top of the leaf prints with permanent StazOn ink.
I also rummaged around for a little pink-orange & green tissue paper to fill in some of the areas around the printing which was looking too white for me. I finished the edges of these ATCs with a light brush stroke of some of the same colors of Lumiere I used for the printing. i hope you enjoy and try nature printing yourself. it is a blast!
lenna young andrews, September 25th, 2009.


  1. These look like botanical studies. They are delicate yet strong.
    Lovely work!

  2. Nature at its best - I love autumn and you have captured the colors so beautifully! This is something I may experiment with soon.

  3. Thank you for sharing your techniques....these are stunning Lenna!!!

  4. These are so beautiful - I love the texture of the leaves and the colours are stunning!

  5. And I love my card! It's great to read about how you made it!

  6. ... and mine looks even more beautiful in person!



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