Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a lovely 'trade'

a few weeks ago i received this wonderful comment on my blog from Sharon Borsavage . . .

". . . just adooore your little video, and love your 'blue' piece, and your 'bold and beautiful' bird IS MY favorite, BUT your 'to have and to hold' IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! Would you possibly trade it for anything, jewelry or anything!! If not, no problem. I just love it and I am such a newb to this, the depth of your media is astounding to me! Thanks for making me smile, and all of the inspiration! "

WOw! thank you Sharon, for being outspoken, telling me how you feel, and asking me to trade! I cannot remember the last time I 'traded' art with someone. I sent Sharon my 'To have and to hold' challenge piece from Helga Strauss' September 9th challenge. When you go to that link, you'll see that Sharon WON this challenge with her wonderful composition. Here is my piece that I traded with Sharon:

. . . and, lucky, lucky me - this is what Sharon sent me per my request, a wire wrapped necklace she made, her 'love' necklace. i really LOVE it! click on any scan for more detail.
This necklace came with a beautiful silver chain and a hand made closure, but i switched it to a long cord because the length of the chain had the necklace falling right where the amethyst my father gave me hangs on my neck. I always, always wear that piece that he gave me (never take it off) to keep him forefront in my thoughts, so . . . with a little adjustment, my Sharon Borsavage 'Love necklace' is perfect for me! please check out her Blog: http://livewirejewelry.blogspot.com/ -
Thank you again, Sharon!


  1. Seems like both of you are winners!!!!
    Lovely necklace!!!
    I am familiar with sharon's lovely jewelrey and she can paint as well!!!

  2. Thank YOU so much Lenna for your kindness!! I only speak what I feel, and your pieces evoke such feeling to me. You are truly a kind and wonderful person, and it shows in your work. I am humbled. Thank you again!

  3. Not surprised Sharon wanted this piece, Lenna. It really is gorgeous and so is her necklace. It looks lovely and I'm sure you'll love wearing it!

  4. hi lenna!! thanks for folowing my blog!! your artwork is stunting.. BUT;.. i'm so jealous!!! sharon did'nt dend me any "love"!!! LOL!! enjoy!! i agree with you, so talented, and generous person!!



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