Thursday, September 3, 2009

blue . . .

This is just a small piece of art for the sake of making art . . . you can click on it for details. No deadlines, contests or swaps were involved! Amazing : ) I used watercolor paper, rubber stamping with permanent StazOn ink for the fish print (Fred Mullett) and VersaCraft inks which can be heat set, for the lettering. The background is my favorite watercolor crayons. lenna young andrews, September 3rd, 2009.


  1. love that background! when I try to use watercolour pencils or crayons, it looks like a third grader got at the art supplies! LOL

  2. my mouth drops to the floor, I am going to add you to my blog list now so I don't miss anything with you again! WOW!! Just adooore your little video, and love your blue piece, and your bold and beautiful bird IS MY favorite, BUT your to have and to hold IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! Would you possibly trade it for anything, jewelry, or anything!! If not, no problem, I just love it, and I am such a newb to this, and the depth of your media is astounding to me! Thanks for making me smile, and all of the inspiration!

  3. i am so honored, sharon. Thank you! Yes, i would love to trade with you -I am commenting here because i don't have your email. I will look on your blog!

  4. Such a beautiful, dreamlike background and peaceful fish!



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