Tuesday, September 29, 2009

paint, collage - part 1

This afternoon i started decorating a few plain notebooks with paint, collage, papers & ribbon . . . . and thought i would share my progress here. Most of these will be going to Tapestry Rose gifts and art in Rocky Hill, CT. More will be forthcoming!

If you know me at all, you know i love watercolor crayons! So quick and easy, and rich with color. I started with two small blank sketch books, removed the covers temporarily, and attached a piece of watercolor paper to the cover over the original printing on the cover. Then I got out my crayons and scribbled away!

Next, i took a wet brush and activated the crayons. This makes the colors pop!
After the paint dried, i ran a gold pen along the edges, and added both images and words from ARTchix Studio. Then i put the covers back in place, and wove colorful ribbons along the spine.

The notebook below was different from the first two in that the cover was not plain, but it had an image i wanted to cover up on both the front & the back. The rest of the background was fine, but the image in the middle of the front and back cover needed some altering! Here was my solution: use a section of scrapbook paper for the back cover, and add various papers plus words and images from ARTchix Studio to the front. I may or may not add anything to the spine, we'll see! I like the elegance of the gold paper with the image from the Art Nouveau collage sheet.

I hope to be back soon with more . . . tomorrow i have to go in to Stonewall Kitchen again for a few hours (to sell Jam!!) but hopefully, when i get back home i can dive in again. till then, lenna

universe collage

The collage you see above, started with the image below! A few days ago I took this image and a few others from my Vintage collection and used my ink-jet printer to print them onto textured watercolor paper. I experimented with adding water to these ink-jet printed images, as i knew the water would make the ink run. You can see an ATC I created with this same technique on a previous post.

The water muted the image quite a bit as you can see above on the collage, but i liked it, and this faded image gave me an idea. The woman looked like she was looking up at the stars and I knew I had a magazine page with stars and planets on it in my scrap box. I got out a 9x12 piece of paper and glued these 2 elements down first. Dyed tissue paper was used as another background paper (it looked like the sky). Later, I added more ripped sections of this paper after using watercolor crayons to fill in and add shades of blue to the piece. The words (a collaborative poem) were printed and cut out. Everything except the tissue paper was adhered by using the xyron adhesive system (this makes plain paper into a sticker) . . . and I used plain white tacky glue, sparingly, to adhere the tissue paper. The words above the woman, 'starry heaven', are from the Tell Me A Story collage sheet at ARTchixStudio.com.

I love to splatter paint and ink and found myself doing that again here with a silver glitter marker, shaking the pen and tapping it on my finger. I also used a Brilliance Platinum Planet ink pad (silver!) to rubber stamp stars, a moon and swirls -then heat set the whole collage to finish it. -lenna young andrews, september 29, 2009

Take a walk with me . . .

Here is the latest 'video' i made with animoto.com when i wanted to try out the 'add text' feature. I have really been enjoying this new site that a friend turned me onto. You can try animoto out for free, and make a 30-second video -see what you think! You choose the photos and music (your own or animoto's) and submit them. Then animoto takes the photos and music, analyzes them and melds them into a great video production. Even though they are orchestrating the final product, it feels like another creative process for me - choosing which photos & which music to put together. You can also add video clips if you have them, or choose some of theirs. if you don't like the final product you can re-mix it, delete or change photos, change the music . . . and the next version will be re-analyzed and a different video. They claim no two videos are exactly alike! why don't you take a walk with me & see what it's like . . .

Sunday, September 27, 2009

He sought for her heart

I made this 2.5" x 3.5" Artist Trading Card for the ATC Lotto on the ARTchix Studio Yahoo group. The current theme is 'Enchantment' and the winner will be drawn on Sunday, October 4th. Go to the ARTchix Studio website to read about how to participate this great Bi-Weekly challenge!

I have lots of Vintage images saved as jpgs on my computer and I thought, what if I printed some of these images out onto textured water color paper? My next thought was, sometimes ink jet prints run when they get wet, but what if I made them run on purpose? With that in mind, I used a wet brush on the background of this image and was rewarded with a lovely effect! I also splattered some H2Os (iridescent watercolors) on top of the background and added a quote from the ARTchix collage sheet Tell me a story. I do think it looks enchanting!

dance at Trinity

My sister Kathy, who works at Trinity College, invited me to see a special celebration of 40 years of dance and co-education last night at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. While last night's performance was about the Trinity College Dance program and all the wonderful teachers and students there, when I saw this performance I could not help but remember my own dance teacher of many years, Truda Kaschmann. Below is a treasured photo of her by Peter Crowley that I found on his web site. Seeing this photo of Truda brings me right back to the many classes I took with her and the many improvisations we did. It captures her warmth and strength perfectly. She truly shaped me as an artist.

There is not a lot about Truda that I could find online, but I did come across a few items. This was written by Maggie Roberts, through the Yale National Initiative as a curriculum guide titled, Putting Poetry on it's Feet: "Truda Kaschmann's dance class met for an hour and a half, she devoted the last 20 minutes to different kinds of improvisation. One form of improvisation was dancing to poetry. Mrs. Kaschmann would recite a poem to us, allowing time between lines for us to move about. Each interpretation was correct in her eyes, and so we valued our own interpretations and our self-confidence and creativity grew."

I could not have said this any better than Maggie did: we valued our interpretations and our self confidence and creativity grew. Right-on! This is how I try to teach my mixed media art students now.

Truda was a true modern dance pioneer. Alwin Nikolais was her most famous student, but she was so proud of every one of her students. My sister Kathy took classes with her, and my mother did as well for many years, before we did! I took so many classes from Truda for 25-30 years with my parents encouragement and a lot of driving to and from when I was a youngster! Truda truly brought Modern Dance to the Hartford Conservatory, formerly known as the Hartford School of Music.

It had been a long time since I had seen a dance performance until last night. There was a huge mix of types of dance and styles in Trinity College's '40 Forward' celebration - from performance art -to middle school kids rap -to traditional Indian dancing -to more 'traditional' modern dance, but I so enjoyed being there, catching a bit of that energy, and being reminded of how powerful dance was, and sometimes still is, in my life. It was very exciting to see Clive Thompson accept the Dance pioneer Award last night; he was there at the college with his wife Liz 40 years ago, introducing the dance program on the Trinity campus.

I do not have a photo of me dancing that I can find yet, but I do have one of my mom as a young woman, which is just about the same, as we are so similar. I think she is practicing a dance she will perform, at in her home on Hickory Lane in West Hartford CT, sometime in the early 1950's. Thank you mom & dad, and Kathy for the invite! With gratitude to my family . . .

. . . and i can't resist adding this photo in from 1965 maybe?
Kathy, mom, and me:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Orange and Green ATCs

The Colour Groupies group is at it again -the fab 5 who make ATCs on a color combination theme every month! For October our color-combo is "orange and green" and I just got word that everyone has received their ATCs from me, so I can share them now.
This month I decided to make nature printed ATCs for my friends and pulled out my Lumiere paints, which have a lovely sparkle.
I used both halo Pink Gold and halo Blue Gold, which really do look orange & green with a shimmer of gold added! You can read a brief description on how to do nature printing within my free fabric stamping tutorial that is up on the Joggles.com site.
For Tristan. . . .

For me! . . . .

Below, for Frieda . . . .

For Debby . . . .
and for Caryl . . . .
To make these cards I took plain white cards, about 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size and used real leaves and Lumiere paints for the nature printing. I made 5 ATCs for the group plus a few extras, very similar to these, that I could give to friends as gifts. When the paint was dry I took a number of fun unmounted quote stamps from Zettiology and stamped on top of the leaf prints with permanent StazOn ink.
I also rummaged around for a little pink-orange & green tissue paper to fill in some of the areas around the printing which was looking too white for me. I finished the edges of these ATCs with a light brush stroke of some of the same colors of Lumiere I used for the printing. i hope you enjoy and try nature printing yourself. it is a blast!
lenna young andrews, September 25th, 2009.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

play with pink & green!

Over at My Artistic Life, Helga Strauss has challenged us to play with pink & green! Today I was inspired by all the wonderful entries I saw on the ARTchix Studio Yahoo Group and decided to make some time myself, for this challenge . . . tonight! I love pink & green so it was not too hard to find some good things to work with. I gathered up different fabrics & images to fit the theme and then played! This 'playing' morphed into a 9x12 art quilt.

I laid fabrics out and then stitched them together on my machine, attaching them to a batting piece at the same time. I started out around the edges and then changed the stitch and sewed randomly around the entire piece. That was fun! Then I sewed on various ARTchix Studio collage and transparency images. I used a white pen to accentuate and extend some of the lines on the fabric. Lastly, I glued a quote I had previously printed in pink onto plain muslin fabric with my own printer. It is one of my favorite quotes, and most appropriate for all the fun we have with Helga's blog challenges, yahoo group activities, swaps . . .

"Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavor ought to be to set off that spark in one another." -- Kenny Ausubel

: ) lenna young andrews, September 24, 2009
note on September 29th: I found out this afternoon, I was one of the winners for Helga's Pink & Green challenge - Whoo whoo!! follow that link to her blog to see all of the winners. My prize was to choose 3 ARTchix sheets of my choice, and here is what i picked: Tell me More Collage Sheet, the Royal ATCs Transparency Sheet, and the Gothic Arches Transparency sheet. Lucky me! more wonderful variety to play & create with : )

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Altered Book RR - Thank you Sue!

lennaSueC.Book3crop, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

I want to thank Sue Cervantez, whose book I recently worked in for our 2009-2010 Altered Book RR. This Round Robin is hosted by Sallie Rodman and I was invited to join the group this year. Sue's book is the first book to come my way. I love to share my art and how i create it as i work, but the group had not done that in the past. So, when finishing her spreads, I asked Sue how she felt about that. She encouraged me to share my art in her book online . . . but she will not peek at it until it comes home, because she likes being surprised seeing her book stuffed with art when it returns to her!

Thank you Sue, for saying it was okay to share!! Above is a cropped portion, close-up of one of the pages i did in Sue's book. If you click on the photo it will bring you to a few more scans of my work in Sue's book and lots of description on what i did. This is the first time in a long time I have worked in an Altered Book. The very first time i altered a book was back in 2001, with a number of exchanges since, but none for about 2 years now. I am so grateful to Sallie Rodman for inviting me. Yours creatively, lenna young andrews, September 22, 2009.

Friday, September 18, 2009

some cards i made . . .

card1, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Some of these cards are nature printed with real leaves and Lumiere paint, and others use ARTchix Studio images. Both have rubber stamping added to the front and inside to help express feeling. These cards were requested to be made, how cool! Click on this one to see the other five i came up with. creatively yours, lenna young andrews, September 18th, 2009.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

playing card ATC

While working on my "Orange & Green" Colour Groupies ATCs for our October exchange, I had an idea for a totally different design. So, I set the Orange & Green  ATCs aside and went ahead with it. I glued two playing cards together, then added some of the same green & orange Lumiere paint to this new ATC with my finger. The Colour Groupies ATCs will be forthcoming shortly after they have all been received, but this extra and different one, I can share with you now!

I stamped the quotes (old LennaLines rubber stamp quotes) on tissue paper and used gel medium to adhere this paper to the ATC. Then, I added other rubber stamps directly to the playing card on both sides, with permanent StazOn inks, all on a love theme. VoilĂ ! King me!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a lovely 'trade'

a few weeks ago i received this wonderful comment on my blog from Sharon Borsavage . . .

". . . just adooore your little video, and love your 'blue' piece, and your 'bold and beautiful' bird IS MY favorite, BUT your 'to have and to hold' IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! Would you possibly trade it for anything, jewelry or anything!! If not, no problem. I just love it and I am such a newb to this, the depth of your media is astounding to me! Thanks for making me smile, and all of the inspiration! "

WOw! thank you Sharon, for being outspoken, telling me how you feel, and asking me to trade! I cannot remember the last time I 'traded' art with someone. I sent Sharon my 'To have and to hold' challenge piece from Helga Strauss' September 9th challenge. When you go to that link, you'll see that Sharon WON this challenge with her wonderful composition. Here is my piece that I traded with Sharon:

. . . and, lucky, lucky me - this is what Sharon sent me per my request, a wire wrapped necklace she made, her 'love' necklace. i really LOVE it! click on any scan for more detail.
This necklace came with a beautiful silver chain and a hand made closure, but i switched it to a long cord because the length of the chain had the necklace falling right where the amethyst my father gave me hangs on my neck. I always, always wear that piece that he gave me (never take it off) to keep him forefront in my thoughts, so . . . with a little adjustment, my Sharon Borsavage 'Love necklace' is perfect for me! please check out her Blog: http://livewirejewelry.blogspot.com/ -
Thank you again, Sharon!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

same walk but different

When I read this sentence on my friend Frieda's blog, "I walked the dogs clad only in jeans, t-shirt and my Crocs, instead of weatherproofs and wellies and my camera has been in my hands for most of the day too" -- I laughed! That could have described me the other day too, across the pond, as she is in Scotland and I in the USA .... the same walk, but different.

I too, was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and Crocs, carrying my camera and walking my dogs! I wanted a more updated photo for my profile page, so i tried taking some photos of myself; not the easiest thing in the world to do, but i had fun. For a while now i have been walking about a half an hour with Asia and Chloe pretty much on a daily basis. It gives me time to think, and brainstorm art ideas, it gives me needed exercise and fresh air. I feel i really miss it if other things take precedence. I love receiving the calming effect of the nearby forest and find a certain peacefulness which i need . . .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Checkerboard Fun: ARTchix Weekly Challenge!

Helga Strauss at myartisticlife.typepad.com has given us a new challenge: to try out some checkerboard fun! I never work in an organized fashion like this except for once before when she gave us a challenge of working with a 'grid', so it was really a wonderful challenge for me. I used images from the new Paris bookmark sheets, ooh lala -found at http://www.artchixstudio.com/ - and also used some of my favorite rubber stamps from Claudia Rose. Of course, i reached for my watercolour crayons too, as they were still out on the table. I really did have fun creating this! The "marvelous treasure" image with the buttons in the middle, comes from the bookmark i made originally for this ARTchix Swap swap; Helga used all the Paris Bookmark entries to produce these awesome collage sheets -the ones on my challenge piece are just a few of the images. I feel very lucky that she gifted them to all the participants, including me!

: ) Thank you, Helga!

Note added 09/16/09 ~ I was so tickled to learn tonight that Helga chose my piece as one of her favorites in her Checkerboard Blog Challenge - yowza! I am honored. My prize was to choose 3 ARTchix Studio image sheets . . . i picked an old favorite: Over the Moon, and two brand new sheets: Sepia Style and Sepia Birds!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


sympathy 9-09, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

A simple card to express my sympathy to a fellow member of the ARTchix Studio yahoo group who lost her son recently. I do not know her very well, but thought a few kind words might help to ease her pain, or at least let her know she was in my thoughts. Sincerely, lenna young andrews, Sept. 8th, 2009.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

HaPpY BiRThDaY, Decklin!

Today my oldest son, Decklin Tisdale Foster turned 28 years old, simply amazing! I created this little photo montage video to celebrate! HaPpY BiRThDaY, Decklin!

art and fear and friends

~ Above is a close-up of a small art quilt i made for my dear friend Frieda Oxenham, as it was her birthday last week. Earlier, i was relating some thoughts about creating (in general) to Frieda in an email; we were discussing the book, Art and Fear. I wrote to her, "I don’t have much fear anymore for jumping in & creating (except a little when I think of making something for you!!!!!) but I still got so much out of that book (she had recommended it). I copied two passages that had a lot of meaning to me, here they are:

"The desire to make art begins early. Among the very young this is encouraged (or at least indulged as harmless) but the push toward a 'serious' education soon exacts a heavy toll on dreams and fantasies. Yet for some the desire persists, and sooner or later must be addressed. And with good reason: your desire to make art -beautiful or meaningful emotive art- is integral to your sense of who you are. Life and Art, once entwined, can quickly become inseparable; at age 90 Frank Lloyd Wright was still designing, Imogen Cunningham still photographing, Stravinsky still composing, Picasso still painting." . . . .

. . . and in another section of the book, this: “in a supportive environment –one found, more often than not, within the artistic community itself- approval and acceptance often become linked, even indistinguishable." ~ from Art & Fear, David Bayles & Ted Orland."

So! When I wanted to do something special for Frieda for her birthday, I would say that I hesitated slightly on exactly what to do for her because she is such an accomplished artist. When her birthday was becoming imminent and I was lamenting not doing anything for her yet, Steven suggested I give her some unusual and interesting things to work with - good idea, I said! Off to my studio I went with the intent of gathering things for her when I came upon the lovely image above, which I believe it is a Waterhouse painting? Helga Strauss of ARTchix Studio has this image on a transparency sheet. I took the transparency and color copied it onto a prepared fabric sheet; this I had done previously, and the image on fabric was already in my supplies in my studio. When I saw it I said, perfect! Look at this woman, really loving and savoring those roses. It said "Frieda" all over it! At that moment I said to myself, why couldn't I use this fabric image to make something for her birthday? It was the spark I needed.

I stitched the fabric image to a piece of hand painted fabric from my peace banner project; I made lots of extra painted fabric when i did that project, much to my delight now. Then I gathered the olive green velvet leaves and arranged them around the image; these were glued down with E6000 glue. I hand sewed on two carved shell flower beads from Alpha Stamps and then I added bits of broken abalone shell to the woman's dress. Frieda has told me she is often like a magpie, being drawn to glittery and shiny, luminous things . . . . so I also reached for two colours of iridescent glass spheres in 2 different sizes, also from Alpha Stamps and added these to the piece with tacky glue. The gold fabric which serves as the back of the piece and a frame of sorts, came to me as I was searching through my fabrics; it seemed appropriate for celebrating the treasure of a good friend.

The small words on the bottom of the image read, "admired and loved"(ARTchix Studio) which is how I know Frieda feels about roses, and how I definitely feel about her. We have know each other perhaps 5 years now, maybe more, and even though I have not yet traveled to Scotland and she has not yet traveled to Connecticut, I feel it is safe to say we have a long and slow growing friendship that seems to deepen every year through our artistic and personal sharing. Happy birthday to my dear friend! How lovely to be working on this post in preparation for the quilts arrival in Scotland and have Frieda email me in the middle of writing it and say, "Dear Lenna, your present is here, it arrived today and it left me totally speechless, so it's just as well I'm typing this!" I do believe she liked it! : ) oh happy day, from lenna young andrews on September 5th, 2009 (my son Decklin's 28th birthday - wow!)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

blue . . .

This is just a small piece of art for the sake of making art . . . you can click on it for details. No deadlines, contests or swaps were involved! Amazing : ) I used watercolor paper, rubber stamping with permanent StazOn ink for the fish print (Fred Mullett) and VersaCraft inks which can be heat set, for the lettering. The background is my favorite watercolor crayons. lenna young andrews, September 3rd, 2009.


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