Friday, August 28, 2009

Village of the Arts

hello! since returning from visiting my parents, i have made it back into my studio and even created a few things, but this time, 'mums the word' until they reach their final destinations! : ) instead, i thought i would share a bit with you about my trip to Florida. Below, you'll see a lovely view of Ware's Creek in downtown Bradenton. I ventured here to this spot to look at a house for sale across the street from this creek, on my way to visit the Village of the Arts. This is a community of about 30 or so artists that live and/or work in a 42 acre area located near Ware's Creek, in downtown Bradenton. I had heard about this community and then read about it online, but i had never visited until last week. You can read more about it here. The businesses, studios and homes in this village are painted very colorfully and the people i met were friendly and welcoming. There are a few places for sale, so i made sure i took a peek!

The first place within the village that i stopped in to see was the Village Bookshop, which is for sale (8/09). I had read extensively about this building online, viewed photos, and even visited the blog of the shop's owner, poet Doug Knowlton. So it was a truly interesting experience to walk into his shop, recognize him from photos and then speak with him. Kind of like when you have a friend you have only known via email & photos, and then one day you meet in person! Doug was very friendly & helpful, giving me a tour of the rooms in his bookshop and the beautiful grounds with a separate artists studio. I also browsed the books and found a choice book of poems by various American poets which i bought. When I left, Doug gave me a volume of his own poetry. i later found he had inscribed a note to me on the inside cover. On a hot, off-season August day in Florida, Doug said i had made his day! (and he mine)

This is looking into what once was the kitchen, it could be returned to that . . . .

A photo of the separate studio out back . . .

The studio viewed from the other side, which is located in a beautiful, tropical garden . . .

A few more Village of the Arts photos . . .
Below is the work of sculptor Jo-Ellen Gorris. I met Jo-Ellen in her studio that day while she was painting one of her awesome pieces. Everyone i met made me feel so very welcome!

This was where i had a most wonderful salad for lunch - Bonni Bakes Edible Art! I hope to participate in Bonni's event, "Making Strides with ARTSY UNDIES" -A Breast Cancer Fundraiser, featuring uniquely decorated bras and panties! Out of town entries are welcome.

All in all, a great day! Although Steven & I don't know where we will end up living yet when we move to Bradenton, it is so great to get acquainted with this fabulous resource and community. I did look at a few other homes with my parent's friend and real estate agent, Bob Grant, mainly to just check things out. I did see one very interesting home. In fact, Bob said it was the most interesting home he had seen in 5 years -and he meant that in a good way! : )

We still have our home here in CT to sell and we are working on that . . . . so this home i like is simply bookmarked until then, if it lasts. My mom & dad were glad to see me and we had such a lovely visit. Dad is undergoing chemotherapy again for liver cancer at a lower dose this time, which is better - less problems for him. He was feeling well enough that we went out to dinner 3 times, I think! So for what he is going through, he is really doing okay -he is a very strong guy. The time i spent there whizzed right by. We talked, hung out, watched movies, and i swam and swam and swam, to my delight! : ) that's all for now, this is probably one of my longest posts I've ever written! xo lenna young andrews, august 28, 2009


  1. Thanks Lenna for your kindness and your sweet comments on my blog! I just spent some time looking at your photo galleries and I am so inspired, your work is so beautiful! I'm still timid in this mixed media thing, but everyone has been very nice...thank you! Your entries for Helga are outstanding, and I love your atc pics in your gallery!
    Sorry to hear of your dad, but it sounds like he has such a supportive and loving daughter and family that will help him through this. I'm sure it means the world to him. You are a very generous soul, it comes out in your work!
    Thanks again!

  2. Oh ym gosh, this looks like the perfect spot. I love it. Thanks for sharing all the great pics, lovely.

  3. Hi, Lenna! I can just see you living in that village - you would fit right in and the village would benefit from having you there, too! Glad your dad is doing better with the lower dosage of chemo. Hope your home sells soon.

  4. The Florida house looks wonderful-I love the slide show of your current home! It is beautiful!



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