Wednesday, August 5, 2009

happy . . .

dallas07.09 043, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

It was a short visit because Decklin came down from Cambridge MA just for the evening, but I feel I was blessed to be able to spend time with both of my sons tonight! It was a happy time. Dallas (on the left) is about to return to Italy where he is a teaching assistant (librarian) and Decklin lives in Cambridge these days, so this was a rare and special occasion. More photos are here. Dallas is turning 25 next week and Decklin will be 28 in September. It was Decklin who started me in computers with a web site he wrote for me when he was only 14 . . . . wow, my boys are just amazing!

These are the same boys, a few years ago!


  1. Oh you do indeed look so happy, Lenna, and your boys seem to have overtaken you in height since they played on the beach!!

  2. Yes, I am a ham in front of the camera, especially when i am happy : ^ ) AND, decklin & dallas are *amazingly* taller than me!
    thank you, frieda xo lenna

  3. Th boys are home!!!!looked at the album-looks like you are having a great time!!! Hugs and love to you and the family!!



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