Wednesday, August 19, 2009

gardens, friends, art & family!

My dear friend Carol Van Gerve has the most beautiful garden(s) and is the most prolific artist of paper & stamps that I have ever seen! We were lucky to be invited over last Sunday afternoon for pie! Steven did a little computer tweaking for her husband Donald, and I spent some time in Carol's studio. Then we took a walk in her gardens. I had brought my new camera (Nikon S220 Coolpix), got to try it out and was quite pleased.
I brought Carol a little something . . .
I used one of my favorite 2x2 pieces I had made for Helga's weekly challenges (pink & blue), adhered it to another card and added more stamping and watercolor crayons.

Carol & I exchange a lot of art! She will be exhibiting her paper art at the Collinsville, CT Art Walk on August 28th, 5:30-8pm.

Here is a photo of me Steven took with the new camera ~ a very happy lenna, on her way to visit her mom & dad in Florida for a few days . . .


  1. Ms. L-you are looking pretty darn happy-will be responding to your note soon-hopefully over the weekend things will slow down a bit and I will breathe again. Moving Alex back to college-now need to pick her up again so she can shop on my dime!!! Love you and Steven! Hoping dad and mom are doing great-enjoy the trip!

  2. love the photo of you! I believe the last photo I saw of you was with much shorter hair - no?



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