Sunday, August 30, 2009

bold and beautiful!

Here is my entry for the September 2nd ARTchix Studio yahoo group bi-weekly Lotto! Now I will cross my fingers, say a prayer & hope i win . . . but if I don't, making this ATC was still a blast! An ATC ~ artist trading card, measures 2.5" x 3.5" no matter how big it appears here! I took a watercolor card (nicely already cut to size) and attached an image from the Pretty Bird collage sheet that is very bold and beautiful! I used a small circle punch to punch out the two thought bubbles, "spread your wings" and "sing to me". I applied watercolor crayons in purple, red, yellow and blue directly to the bird image and also around the edge of the watercolor card. Next I used a white rolling ball pen and a black fine tip permanent marker to add lines and accents to the pretty bird. The words "expressing strong feeling" come from Helga's Tell me a Story collage sheet and were just what i wanted to say - strong and bold, and full of feeling.
I do hope you enjoy ~ lenna young andrews, august 30th, 2009.
~ note on Sept. 5th - Nessa Math nas won this lotto -congrats, Nessa! I will be sending this off to you directly after the labor day Holiday : )

ARTchix challenge: To have & to hold

On Helga Strauss' blog, the challenge is: To Have and To Hold . . . she asks us to "make a piece of art that shows a person or animal holding something"~ wow! Check out some cool samples at the link above. Since the deadline is September 8th, i am amazingly, early this time! You don't need to use ARTchix Studio products for Helga's blog challenges, but i often do just because i love to use them. Here is what i came up with in answer to her call; a close-up of the main section, which is done on canvas paper -click for more detail:

and, the whole challenge piece shown below, is sewed to a section of hand painted fabric i made this summer:

I started with an image from Women in Art, a classic ARTchix Studio collage sheet, then I cut out two hearts from the Heart and Soul collage sheet. I wanted the woman to be holding the hearts for Helga's challenge, so i got out my x-acto knife and carefully cut out her arm & hand. Then i just played with the placement of the 2 hearts (glued together by now) until i got a look that pleased me, then attached them to her with a glue stick.

I looked for a background to place the Woman in Art image on, and found a small piece of canvas paper that i had done a tissue paper background sample on for one of my collage classes. It had the right color and feeling. I used my xyron machine to make the image with the hearts into a sticker, but then also sewed this to the canvas paper to make sure it stuck and to add interest. Then i got a little carried away and sewed all over!

I wanted words to express what the image was portraying, and settled on a quote rubber stamp that i produced when i had a small line of quote stamps: LennaLines. I stamped this on tissue paper with permanent ink and then used gel medium to attach it. I also spread gel medium over the entire collage and added a turquoise yarn and a gold thread to the composition. Then i had to be patient and let the canvas paper piece dry - i placed it out in the sun! I did not like it all by itself, so i reached again for the fabric i painted for the peace banner project to use as a frame or base for the whole thing. Ta DA! I sewed the canvas to the painted fabric & smiled. I am ever so grateful to Helga at ARTchix Studio for her continued inspiration and challenges, they are keeping me in form!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Village of the Arts

hello! since returning from visiting my parents, i have made it back into my studio and even created a few things, but this time, 'mums the word' until they reach their final destinations! : ) instead, i thought i would share a bit with you about my trip to Florida. Below, you'll see a lovely view of Ware's Creek in downtown Bradenton. I ventured here to this spot to look at a house for sale across the street from this creek, on my way to visit the Village of the Arts. This is a community of about 30 or so artists that live and/or work in a 42 acre area located near Ware's Creek, in downtown Bradenton. I had heard about this community and then read about it online, but i had never visited until last week. You can read more about it here. The businesses, studios and homes in this village are painted very colorfully and the people i met were friendly and welcoming. There are a few places for sale, so i made sure i took a peek!

The first place within the village that i stopped in to see was the Village Bookshop, which is for sale (8/09). I had read extensively about this building online, viewed photos, and even visited the blog of the shop's owner, poet Doug Knowlton. So it was a truly interesting experience to walk into his shop, recognize him from photos and then speak with him. Kind of like when you have a friend you have only known via email & photos, and then one day you meet in person! Doug was very friendly & helpful, giving me a tour of the rooms in his bookshop and the beautiful grounds with a separate artists studio. I also browsed the books and found a choice book of poems by various American poets which i bought. When I left, Doug gave me a volume of his own poetry. i later found he had inscribed a note to me on the inside cover. On a hot, off-season August day in Florida, Doug said i had made his day! (and he mine)

This is looking into what once was the kitchen, it could be returned to that . . . .

A photo of the separate studio out back . . .

The studio viewed from the other side, which is located in a beautiful, tropical garden . . .

A few more Village of the Arts photos . . .
Below is the work of sculptor Jo-Ellen Gorris. I met Jo-Ellen in her studio that day while she was painting one of her awesome pieces. Everyone i met made me feel so very welcome!

This was where i had a most wonderful salad for lunch - Bonni Bakes Edible Art! I hope to participate in Bonni's event, "Making Strides with ARTSY UNDIES" -A Breast Cancer Fundraiser, featuring uniquely decorated bras and panties! Out of town entries are welcome.

All in all, a great day! Although Steven & I don't know where we will end up living yet when we move to Bradenton, it is so great to get acquainted with this fabulous resource and community. I did look at a few other homes with my parent's friend and real estate agent, Bob Grant, mainly to just check things out. I did see one very interesting home. In fact, Bob said it was the most interesting home he had seen in 5 years -and he meant that in a good way! : )

We still have our home here in CT to sell and we are working on that . . . . so this home i like is simply bookmarked until then, if it lasts. My mom & dad were glad to see me and we had such a lovely visit. Dad is undergoing chemotherapy again for liver cancer at a lower dose this time, which is better - less problems for him. He was feeling well enough that we went out to dinner 3 times, I think! So for what he is going through, he is really doing okay -he is a very strong guy. The time i spent there whizzed right by. We talked, hung out, watched movies, and i swam and swam and swam, to my delight! : ) that's all for now, this is probably one of my longest posts I've ever written! xo lenna young andrews, august 28, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekly Art Challenge: Masterboard Playtime!

I am back from a lovely visit with my mom & dad in Florida, and while I was there, I made time to work on Helga's art challenge for August 25th - Masterboard Playtime! : ) Helga created a very cool "masterboard" for this challenge. You can read all about how she made it, using the link above. It really is the base for the fabric ATCs I have created here. For my pieces, I took Helga's masterboard and color copied it onto a prepared fabric sheet! I cut sections of the fabric into Artist Trading card sizes, (2.5" x 3.5") added text from the Her Words sheet and also small snippets of paper (the green triangles & hearts). Then I sewed the finished fronts to a bright tie-dye fabric backing with a bit of cardstock in-between for stiffness. GREAT challenge, Helga, wow!! I so loved collaborating with you! xo lenna young andrews, august 25th, 2009.
p.s. 8/26: Helga chose my entry as one of her favorites -i am psyched i can choose 3 artchix sheets! I am also very honored with so many awesome entries. See Helga's favorites here!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

gardens, friends, art & family!

My dear friend Carol Van Gerve has the most beautiful garden(s) and is the most prolific artist of paper & stamps that I have ever seen! We were lucky to be invited over last Sunday afternoon for pie! Steven did a little computer tweaking for her husband Donald, and I spent some time in Carol's studio. Then we took a walk in her gardens. I had brought my new camera (Nikon S220 Coolpix), got to try it out and was quite pleased.
I brought Carol a little something . . .
I used one of my favorite 2x2 pieces I had made for Helga's weekly challenges (pink & blue), adhered it to another card and added more stamping and watercolor crayons.

Carol & I exchange a lot of art! She will be exhibiting her paper art at the Collinsville, CT Art Walk on August 28th, 5:30-8pm.

Here is a photo of me Steven took with the new camera ~ a very happy lenna, on her way to visit her mom & dad in Florida for a few days . . .

all she wanted was a paper quilt . . .

. . . and she got it! The entries are still coming in for Patti Digh as she requested, for her 50th birthday on August 16th, but she has made a follow-up post with a wonderful photo - click here to read it and see her paper quilt. I found the little "quilt square" I made for her, right about in the middle of the photo; it looks like this:
Patti wrote the book Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally, which I was originally introduced to by my friend Frieda Oxenham, who lives in Scotland and often inspires me. I have read the book at least twice and so enjoyed it. I was happy to be able to participate in Patti's request! My original post on making the square for Patti can be found here, enjoy! lenna young andrews, august 19, 2009.

Monday, August 17, 2009

'winged' bi-weekly lotto ATC

Sabine in Germany was the lucky winner of the crown me lotto on the ARTchix Studio yahoo group -which means, she is now receiving all the lovely art for that theme! Plus, as the winner she got to choose a new ATC theme, and she chose: winged. Tomorrow is the deadline for this bi-weekly lotto, and this in itself of course spurred me on to create something. I have been thinking about what to do almost since she announced it. This is typical for me. It is not thinking like "planning out what to do", but rather thinking about all the possibilities and what could I do with the idea of 'winged'. How could i approach it? When the deadline or an inspiring germ of an idea hits me, that is when i start. I go through a process of gathering items related to the theme, laying them out in front of me and playing with their placement until my eye is pleased. Only then do i start to actually put my art together and often my idea changes as i work and think of other things to do or to add . . .
The back was originally the front, until I discovered it did not leave enough white space in between the stamped feathers for the transparency from the Royal Inchie Bird sheet to show up! Without the white background behind it, the transparency was not clear enough for me; you could not read the words well enough. I thought about getting a new watercolor card for my ATC and starting over, but spur of the moment thought how cool to just flip it over and make that the back! Maybe I should tell you I planned it all that way, but the truth of the matter is a lot of my art has more than one creative recovery in it!

The image of the woman on my Artist Trading card is from an collage sheet of ARTchix Studio's that I cannot locate . . . it is an older collage sheet and may not be available anymore. The little wing on her shoulder is from one of the birds on the Birds on a wire sheet, which is new. I used VersaCraft ink to stamp, a staple for me whether I am working with paper or fabric. In this case it gave me rich lines (I re-ink the ink pads often) which I could heat set with a heat gun and then paint over. I used watercolor crayons (another favorite) activated with a wash of water from a Niji water brush pen. Then I added a bit of Twinkling H2Os (sparkling watercolors) to the feathers on the front only, for a little sparkle which I don't think shows up on the scan. All of the elements were "glued" down by making a sticker out of then with my xyron machine. This is my favorite way of adhering transparencies to paper. I love to finish the edges off and in this case used a sparkling blue marker . . . so, there you have how i made this ATC - enjoy! To see more of my free tutorials and online workshops take a peek at my teaching site - a little creative space : ^ ) lenna young andrews, august 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

a sunny day

mmmmm . . . the weather cooperated and we finally made the time to take the larger of the 2 canoes we have that are hand made by my dad, out for a spin. Steven took me down to Groton, on the Connecticut shore where he had been by himself exploring last year. He found a protected area off of the New London Sound, next to Bluff Point State Park and a public boat ramp with a good put in.
I don't know if we got more comments on my dad's beautiful wooden boat and his workmanship or on the 2 dogs sitting in the middle of the canoe while steven & I paddled away . . . both are quite a sight! (smile) Coming back the current was a little strong because of the tides but Steven knows his stuff from his years of whitewater so I got good instructions, and paddled strong with a gorgeous hand made paddle, and so enjoyed. The places we stopped along the way were beautiful little coves and hot sandy beaches. Amazing sites after all this rain we've had! I've put a small slide show of our trip to your left at the top of the page. Here are a couple of my favorite photos I took:
- love that palm tree! Quite a "boaty" crowd here . . . my dad always etches in a moon & star to the boats he makes, it is the logo of a business-men's club he is a member of and where steven & I got married - The Canoe Club!
a beautiful little cove where we went ashore . . .
steven with dad's hand built canoe . . . with room for 2 people and two dogs!

a beautiful summer day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

for joy . . .

A card and bookmark for an art acquaintance who lost her 23 year old grandson in an auto accident. I really did not know what to do after I received this news, especially since I do not know Joy very well. I finally decided that anything thoughtful that I could come up with would probably be helpful to her, and that spurred me on. The image is from ARTchix Studio, the Snowflake Kisses sheet. I used the collage image directly on the bookmark, and made a copy on translucent vellum for the card. I rubber stamped various phrases & images using a midnight blue VersaCraft ink pad, which I heat set. Then I used a blue watercolor crayon and a sparkly silver pen. I am really at a loss here, but wrote joy a note and told her my thoughts were with her. * with love, lenna young andrews - August 12, 2009 *

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lemon & Lime for Colour Groupies

Lemon & Lime for Colour Groupies, originally uploaded by creativelenna. ~ The September 2009 colour combo for Colour Groupies is a most delicious Lemon & Lime, one of my own choices! I created these ATCs on Wolfe Island, and everyone has received them now so I can share them . . . In the photo they are laying on the table in front of the big picture window looking out over the St. Lawrence River! Not a very detailed picture -- my resolution was low so I could take more photos. But it gives you an idea ~ I loved the beading . . . my friend (and award winning quilter) Frieda, is definitely influencing me! You must check out her blog, as well as the rest of our talented group too! Here are their address:
Frieda Oxenham
Debby Harriettha
Tristan Robin Blakeman
and Caryl Hoobler
Check out their websites -they are all very talented!
p.s. the images I used on the ATCs are from ARTchix
yours creatively, lenna young andrews -August 11, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

ARTchix challenge: Here Kitty, Kitty

On Helga's blog the challenge this week was was to "add a cat to your artwork!" -Here's mine, close up . . . you can click on it for even more detail if you like.

Below is the full scan. My piece is 9"x 9" and created on top of a cool piece of scrapbook paper. I used lots of images from a new collage sheet I just received recently from ARTchix, called Birds on a wire. So much fun to play with! They are surrounding the Tom Cat I had stored away with my online images . . . a Vintage Ad for Old Tom Gin! It originally read "Boord & Son, London" but I used a word from her Next Words Collage Sheet that seemed to fit better, 'Birds'!
I love these challenges as they keep me in my creative habit. Thank YOU, Helga! ~This note added 8/12/09 ~ Lucky me! Helga chose my piece as one of her favorites! She's sending one of her great goody bags, cool. thanks again, helga!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

ATC for dallas : ) happy birthday!

Dallas is leaving tonight to spend a week or so with his dad . . . later he meets his girlfriend Liz for a family wedding in New Jersey, then down to her parent's house before they leave for their jobs as Teaching Assistants at the International School of Trieste in Italy . . . we are certainly going to miss him!!!
I recently used some punchinella (plastic sequin waste) as a decoration on an ATC called, queen of color, but this time I used the punchinella as a stencil for paint. The fortunes are from our dinner the other night and the Lp record because dallas loves music so much. When he returns next year from Italy, he plans on re-instituting his record production on the small label he founded with Ben Segal - Leisure Class records. i will be thinking of you, dallas chandler foster, and happy 25th birthday! Love, mom

some things fishy

my recent mail art . . . quick stamping & color from watercolor crayons (my favorite): i have fallen in love with this fish again, from Fred Mullett . . .

These postcards are rubber stamped with permanent StazOn ink, catsLife Press, Leavenworth Jackson and other stamps and washed over with acrylic paints & a sponge! yowza.

see you in the mail! lenna young andrews, August 6th, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

happy . . .

dallas07.09 043, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

It was a short visit because Decklin came down from Cambridge MA just for the evening, but I feel I was blessed to be able to spend time with both of my sons tonight! It was a happy time. Dallas (on the left) is about to return to Italy where he is a teaching assistant (librarian) and Decklin lives in Cambridge these days, so this was a rare and special occasion. More photos are here. Dallas is turning 25 next week and Decklin will be 28 in September. It was Decklin who started me in computers with a web site he wrote for me when he was only 14 . . . . wow, my boys are just amazing!

These are the same boys, a few years ago!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Crown Me Lotto ATC

Here is my ATC for the ARTchix Studio Yahoo group bi-weekly lottery. This particular artchix lotto is hosted by Debby Harriettha and her theme is "crown me". I altered one of ARTchix's ART Blast Playing cards - oh, how i love these cards and have not gotten tired of altering them yet! For this ATC I used water color crayons and twinkling H2Os to add some color to the original card, lots of little pieces of german scrap borders, some colorful moon & stars and a bit of multi-colored punchinella. The title was created from an alphabet set and rubber stamped on with StazOn ink. The gold metallic ink around the edge finished it off --Thanks, Debby! I had fun coming up with a "crown" and I have my fingers crossed I win the lotto, mmmmm! lenna young andrews, August 3, 2009.

~ won by Sabine Busch and sent to her in Germany, today -8/5

Sunday, August 2, 2009

me, Kathy & dan

me, kathy & dan, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Just one of the many photos Steven & I have taken since Dallas, my youngest son has been here visiting us. Shown above is me, my sister kathy & her husband dan, at a small family party on Friday night (7/29/09) when Dallas' girlfriend Liz was here too. Both Dallas & Liz spent the last year in Italy as Teaching Assistants at the International School of Trieste! Trieste is at the top of the 'boot', next to Slovenia. Dallas works in the Library there and has been reading to the younger kids, helping them choose books, ordering more books and organizing the Library's collection. Liz works with the 9th graders and also has a computer class. They will be returning for a second school year at the end of August. WOW. To see all the photos from the party (and more of me and dallas!) follow the link to my family set on flickr! enjoy, lenna young andrews, August 2, 2009.


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