Sunday, July 5, 2009

On our way home . . .

On our way home: This is the theme that Marion Bockelmann chose when she won the "garden party" lotto on the ARTchix Studio yahoo group last week. As a member of the yahoo group, you can participate in a Bi-Weekly Lotto and have the chance of winning all of the art entered for the lotto, and hosting the next one! : ) I was not sure if I would have time to do something, but I squeezed in my interpretation of the theme this morning . . . .

I did not feel like making an ATC this time, so I made a small 4" x 4" piece for the lotto instead. It has a fabric base. I sewed two paper images from ARTchix Studio's ART BLAST collage sheet on the top layer of fabric with my sewing machine first. The two birds are faux post from the Feather Your Nest Faux Postage Sticker Sheet, and the "Love Birds" words I added are from the birdsong collage sheet. The back looks like this:

I attached another piece of fabric and sewed the two together so the seams would face the inside. I stuffed the little fabric pillow with a bit of batting and used yellow embroidery thread to make a few stitches around the piece and sew the bottom up by hand. I then took an extra stamped quote on watercolor paper and added color to it with Twinkling H2Os. I still had this on my table from practicing for one on Helga's weekly challenges! When it was dry, I added the paper quote to the bottom of the piece with fabric glue. Then I turned it over and added another faux post image from the Feather your nest sheet and signed it! VoilĂ ! I can enter the lotto now : ))


  1. wow, Lenna, this piece is outstanding!

  2. Holy moly Lenna - Christy is a lucky lady to be receiving this beauty (among many others) - love this!

    Cindy :)

  3. This piece will be on it's way to Christy Laudig today, as she just won the bi-weekly lotto! I had great fun making it & I'm happy to send it her way - -
    : ) lenna



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