Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my Florida visit : 0 )

I had a great visit with my mom & Dad in Bradenton, Florida recently. I am showing them here in a photo-op with their good friends from the UK, Roger & Pat James! That's Roger on the left, next to him - my mom, then Pat, and then my Dad. Doesn't he look great? : 0 ) Dad made a wonderful handmade canoe paddle for Steven and gave it to him last March when we both were visiting, and then Dad went ahead and made a special canoe paddle for me, which he gave me last Friday. I am amazed at his workmanship. He made the handle out of apple wood; he carved it himself just for me.

WOW! If you look closely - click on the photo below, you can see how he specially burned my nickname, 'Lenna Pie' into the handle of the paddle! This is what his mother - my Nonie, used to call me, along with everyone else in my family! Well, actually, my parents do still call me Lenna Pie sometimes!!!!

Dad is doing so well with his liver cancer and is presently in remission. He really looked the best I have seen him in a long while (a year and a half) and my mom looked really good too. Both of them helped me to scout out a few homes this weekend and we found some possibilities . . . now Steven & I have to sell our home here in CT first, and then we'll be making an offer and moving down there!!


  1. Wow - your dad looks great! That is so wonderful! My dad was a woodworker - mostly toys but then some pieces of furniture and some very intricate toys. Sometimes there is nothing nicer than a special wood creation - you will cherish your paddle forever! - Donna

  2. Hi Lenna,
    Happy, happy pictures!
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers.
    Have a great 4th!

  3. Lenna, I am so happy to hear your dad is feeling much better, he looks great. I love your paddle and especially with your nickname on it, too kewl! I bet Steven was thrilled you returned home with it.

  4. Hi Lenna! I didn't realize your dad was sick -- he really looks wonderful -- glad he is in remission :) Are you really moving down here? How marvelous!

  5. Hi Lenna,

    What treasures you found in Florida-your dad in much better health, as well as looking quite handsome, and the gift he made for you. Your mom is looking quite lovely herself and very relaxed. I bet you and Steve are looking forward to the move. What a change it will be from New England. Do you play golf???




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