Wednesday, July 8, 2009

from the widows walk . . .

from the widows walk, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Taken in 2008 by Tina (my son decklin's girlfriend), from the widows walk on top of the 'Big House' where Steven's grandmother was born! ~Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada. We'll leave on Sunday 7/12/09 for two glorious weeks here! I won't be bringing a computer, so I will just check in at the library a few times . . . . instead, lots of reading, sailing and canoing the boats my dad made, family time, walks with dogs, lots of art time for me -heaven! I have a few more art things to post before I go, but wanted to share this now . . . . that is the St. Lawrence River, which is 3 miles wide there - looking at Kingston, Ontario across the way. Wolfe Island is the largest of the Thousand Islands and is located at the mouth of Lake Ontario. One of the most beautiful places I have had to good fortune to visit!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful view! I hope you have a great time. We are heading to TN and NC to visit friends and attend our nephew's wedding next week. I'm looking forward to being in the mountains!

  2. Gorgeous pic, LEnna! Welcome to Canada...

  3. It is so beautiful, debby and you should know! That sky just always means CANADA to me! xo lenna



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