Monday, June 8, 2009

generosity project

Two of the hand made gifts I sent out to the winners of my generosity meme project have been received - so cool! I found it very fulfilling to hear from the recipients personally, that they were so very happy to receive the hand made items I sent out. For me, it recharged my creative spirit to create for them and doing this project was just a very good thing all around!

For Sharon Schutt, I created a small fabric piece with her in mind. She has participated in many of my swaps and we have corresponded a bit. I just now went to her blog and found out she has already written about what I sent & posted a photo of what I made her! She has also decided to do the generosity project, so you really might want to go check it out: HERE.

I created with fabric for Sharon as I know she is a fabric person, and my theme for her was 'HOME' since she told me it is most likely her family will have to move to a new one soon. With teenagers on board leaving friends behind -- this can be rough, so I created a piece I thought would give her positive feelings about the move. Sharon wrote to me and said my gift arrived with perfect timing and she absolutely loved the piece - how sweet! I was happy to brighten her day. To make it I simply looked for fabrics and colors I thought Sharon would like, sewed them together and added some ARTchix Studio images based on her theme- sewing the collage papers & transparencies right on the the fabric with my machine. Easy to do and delightfully fun to make!

For Dottie Mucha, who actually lives down the street from me, I created a small fabric quiltie. I tried to use colors and images I thought Dottie would like --using a romantic transparency from ARTchix Studio placed over white gauzy fabric combined with pink & brown fabric, a little lace and some velvet leaves. ooh la la! Click on any photo for more detail.

Dottie wrote to me, "Thank you. What a beautiful surprise. I didn't expect anything so soon. I am so pleased with your "meme" for me."

: ) It was my pleasure! More notes and sharing as they are received . . . . .


  1. Such gorgeous projects, Lenna, no wonder the recipients are over the moon. It's a lovely feeling when someone likes to receive your art, isn't it. My first Generosity ATC has also received and like you I love the satisfied feeling this gives me!

  2. Oh Lenna! As you know I just love the fabric art you made for me! My girls have all commented on how they think it is just right for me. It is so fun to receive this gift and show it to others. Thank you again! And thanks for linking to my blog!

  3. Lenna --
    Thank you so much for my beautiful ATC from your watercolor class! It arrived so quickly and truly brightened my day. I do so appreciate your generosity and your artwork. Thanks again, It's now my turn to return goodness to the universe. Have a good day, Patti

  4. WOW!!!! Lenna these are great.



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