Friday, May 29, 2009

tapping into generosity - winners!!

Okay! Here it is, May 29th and I have had 8 people respond to my "generosity meme" post where I offered to make something by hand for five people. I was to choose 5 names from those who left a comment to that post, by today . . . but instead . . .

Congratulations are in order to everyone - all 8 who responded: Vickie Trancho, Linda Schultz, Andrea, Frieda Oxenham, Dottie Mucha, Patti, Sharon Schutt, and Vicki Page -- because you have ALL won! Whoo whoo!

Everyone who commented will receive something handmade by me, sent by the end of the year -if not sooner. This will give me something creative to work on while we go through the process of showing and selling our home. I already have just about everyone's snail mail address because of participation in my Creative Swaps, but I do need Andrea and Patti's snail mail addresses, so I can send their handmade something to them. Please email your mailing addresses to me! You can find my email address on my profile page, and again, Congratulations! I look forward to creating something for each of you & then sending it off. Don't forget to let me know you when have received it. You can read more about this wonderful idea here! : )
Happy May 29th, from lenna


  1. That is so wonderful, Lenna! It's going to be such a surprise to see when it will come and what it will be? The fun is already in the anticipation!! Thanks so much!!

  2. Lenna -- Have send you an email with my address -- I think this is such a cool idea! Will be looking forward to checking back on the blog to watch your new arting! Have a good day, Patti

  3. Hi Lenna! Thank you so much for your generosity! I will look forward to receiving your handmade gift whenever it arrives! I have not been blogging lately - too much heart ache with my husband losing his job/continuing job search/teens that don't want to move/and move that looks like it will take us out of state. I do hope to get back to sharing on my blog soon and will post the "tapping into generosity" give-away as promised.
    Artful blessings,



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