Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new plans

If I am quiet here on my blog, it is because of a recent decision my husband Steven and I made. After a lot of talking over many months, we have decided to put our home here in Connecticut on the market! Yes, I know we have moved a lot, but this is for a very good reason. Our plan is to sell our home here, and move to a much smaller home very near my parents in Bradenton, FL. We need to sell our home first; that is the ticket to this new plan. Steven and I truly feel this is the best idea all around for everyone, and so we are going forward with the work that needs to be done to accomplish it!

My dad is in remission now from liver cancer and his cancer markers are still low, but he is not done with radiation treatments and he also has a gall bladder operation ahead of him. He is just an amazing man, still marching strongly through all these odds. I will go and visit my mom & dad again in May, around mother's day : ) and I can't wait! When Steven and I last visited them in March, my dad was really doing well for all he has been through, a litany of medical problems over the past 15 months.

So, I do have a few things lined up to post which I will soon, artwork I've done . . . but if it goes quiet here on my blog it is because I am busy cleaning out unneeded possessions, clearing out my studio to the bare minimum, having tag sales, cleaning & showing our home, and other related things . . . . please keep us in your thoughts when you can and send positive energy our way towards accomplishing our goals! thank you . . .


  1. I can't believe that we've lived this closely for years and still haven't met in person - and now you're going to leave!

    I'm sure that it's going to make your lives so much easier to be near your parents. Have you actually added up how many trips you've made down to Florida in the past six months?!

    I hope you get top dollar here and find the perfect home there!

  2. The wisest advise I got regarding aging parents was to make decisions when things are going well. To not let a crisis force you into decisions that may not be right. How fortunate that you and Steve can move to be closer to your parents. Enjoy them & Florida.



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