Saturday, April 11, 2009

just for fun - Here it goes again!

Steven found this last night while looking through YouTube . . . he knew I would like it - well, I LOVE it so much I had to share it! It is so creative and fun and I think it speaks to me because of all the years I danced, practiced choreography & performed. This video took a lot of practice!! In looking up the website and blog for this band I see that the Director of this video won awards for it; it does not surprise me. This is the type of music I grew up with in my 20's and 30's and still enjoy. I sent the link to both my boys, Decklin in Cambridge, MA (27) and Dallas in Trieste, Italy (24) -whose musical tastes run in this direction, but you know what? I bet they will tell me they already know all about it, silly mom!
update 6/23/09: Embedding disabled by request, so try this link:
Here It Goes Again - by OK Go ~ Enjoy! I think it will put a smile on your face.


  1. I am familiar with this video - but I'm glad you posted it - it always makes me smile!

    Have a happy holiday!

  2. Thanks, Tristan! Yes, I think I am waaay behind the times not knowing about this until now, but I just love it. Had to post it!!
    Happy Holidays to you too : ) lenna

  3. Hello Lenna,
    it makes me smile and my husband, too.
    Thank you.
    Happy Eastern

  4. Hi Lenna- These guys are amazing- How on earth would someone think about doing this??
    It's great!
    Carol Murphy

  5. love that - thanks for sharing it. k

  6. Thanks for this, and I almost missed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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