Thursday, April 16, 2009

April ATCs - Peach & Cream

One ATC for me (below)
I have made these ATCs thinking of the color-combo peach & cream for my friends who are decidedly "Colour Groupies" : ) We share ATCs on a colour combination every month!

When I set to work I discovered that the color peach was not something I had a lot of in my stash! Fortunately, I found a few items in my studio and Tristan, who is also a member of Colour Groupies, had sent me a bunch of gorgeous peach & gold trim for my birthday. I brought these items in a plastic zip lock bag on my last visit to see my parents in Florida, and enjoyed making a little art on the road. I used watercolour paper as a base, but glued fabric to it. I had bought a wonderful bunch of 5x5 Moda pieces from The fat Quarter Shop - what a tempting place! There are images from ARTchix Studio, beads were sewn or glued on first, regular embroidery thread and silk ribbon embroidery thread was stitched or glued, small little copper Heishi were added (ARTchix)and my favorite hand made lace-like paper was added. I hope you enjoy!

for Frieda (L)

For Caryl (R)

For Debby (L)

For Tristan (R)


  1. beautiful! can't wait to see it in person! they look so... fluffy! ...

  2. Lenna...absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the soft colors and the vintage look of them all. Makes me feel so happy!!

    Christy Laudig

  3. These are all beautiful!!

  4. So soft and prescous! I am drooling and wishing I were asked into this swap everytime you show! Sanna



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