some florida sunshine

I was in florida last week . . .

this plant lives in my parent's yard in Florida . . . it is HUGE!
I remember having something similar as a small houseplant, here in CT, some time ago. My visit to florida this time was brief and cut short by a winter storm warning up North . . . I ended up coming back 24 hrs earlier to avoid a bad snow and ice storm with possible flight cancellations. My parents are about an hour from the Tampa airport and I now rely on a service to pick me up and get me back & forth. But even though this was a short visit, it was a good visit, none the less. My parents are always happy to see me and vice versa!

My dad looks a lot better than he did in December when he was going through chemo for his liver cancer and feeling so poorly. Amazingly, he is in remission now and just dealing with an infected gall bladder -what an incredible man he is, for all he has been through health wise this past year . . . he still has a sense of humor, my mom says! In a couple of weeks he will start Interventional Radiology with Dr. Grubbs to help keep his cancer at bay.

One day while I was there I took a long walk around the neighborhood as I usually do and snapped these photos around my parent's house, first. Click on any photo for more detail.

My dad made this canoe shown below . . . The bayou is right there, next to their home.

So peaceful . . . . My mom is a great gardener and creates beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Can you believe I picked all of these sweet oranges, yummy star fruit, delicious grapefruit and beautiful lemons shown below, right there on their property? I did, yum!

Look at this tree I saw in their neighborhood . . .

wow. I will happily return to visit again, enjoy more sunshine and time with my parents, February 24 -28.
It looks like I need it, don't you think?