Thursday, January 22, 2009

Studio Time : )

Steven took this photo of me the other night when we were both hanging out in my studio. I am very, very lucky to have such a dedicated space to work in. I do believe our pup Asia agrees! I think because it is still pretty cold here (30's today) Asia was up on my little ironing board. Isn't she silly?? Maybe she thought it was some sort of couch!

I was making a card for my friend Carol Van Gerve. She lives a town away, but does not do any email. This is actually a benefit for our friendship because I both make & receive hand made cards and get cool letters and cards in my real mailbox.

I started by scribbling Lyra water color crayons on the front and back of a "tall" card by JudiKins that I had in my stash. Then I took a wet brush and brushed it over the crayon marks, activating & 'popping' the colors. Click on any photo for more detail.

Steven was looking through some of my papers . . . .

I was glad to have his company!

For Carol's card, I chose an image I had downloaded from Vintage Image Madness (the woman) and 3 transparency images on a postal theme from the mailbag sheet available from Alpha Stamps. I used my xyron adhesive machine to attach these easily to the card.

Yes, I'd say I have a captive audience! : )

Carol's card is ready to be mailed after a short letter and a bit of rubber stamping with permanent ink . . . . on a postal theme, one of my favorites.

I have not been spending as much time as I would like to lately out here in my studio, but the time I do spend there is so reaffirming to me with how it makes me feel that I know I will be finding my way out there again soon.

My dad has been sick for almost a year now with heart problems (a pace maker and coronary stent put in after a replaced valve a few years ago), colon cancer, liver cancer, e-coli infection, arthritis in his back, an infection of his heart valve, an ulcer, kidney problems, and most recently an infected gall bladder. Sheesh! Is my dad strong, or what? The very, very good news is that the colon cancer was removed and the liver cancer is now in remission after a course of chemotherapy. My dad came home from the hospital on Sunday after a recent stay for his infected gall bladder and heart problems related to the pain of the infection. I will be going to visit my parents in Florida on Sunday (1/25) for a few days . . . . Hallelujah! My mom & dad are both really looking forward to another visit from me as my dad's long illness has been so stressful for them, and I am so looking forward to being with them again. The past few months I truly have been wishing and hoping that Steven and I could move to Florida to be near my parents. I would say I was almost begging Steven! But it really is not a workable option for us at this time with the job market down there and housing market up here. It has been a struggle for me to see this because I wanted the opposite to be true. It took some time, (I am quite stubborn and driven!) but I realize the truth now and have accepted it. Thank you, Steven. xo -you are the best.

Our plan is, instead of moving, I am going to get myself down to see mom & dad whenever and as often as I can! And Steven as often as he can too. It is the next best thing. Thanks for reading & listening. What a journey.


  1. Beautiful card, and what a lovely picture of you and the dogs! I love seeing photos of your studio so that I can picture you making our Colour Groupies cards there as well as all the other gorgeous art that gets produced there!

  2. Awww, I love the idea of you and Steven and the pups all together in your studio.
    Thanks for the glimpse.
    Happy days,
    p.s. your Dad is amazing.


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