Saturday, January 10, 2009

january 2009 - Ice pictures

january 2009, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

Inspired by steven's winter night picture I took a few daytime ones . . .


  1. Aren't ice covered trees beautiful!? We had the same the week before Christmas. I hope your power did not go out as ours did!

  2. And this one looks beautiful too, but oh so very, very cold! It seems that just when things are warming up here in Scotland winter has truely arrived in Conn.

  3. LENNA! HEY IT's POOTIE/PATTI here! I was doing some writing and I found your blog! My blog here is (Eat Man Drink Water) and I have an art blog too at
    Stop by and lets link together!


  4. This is beautiful, too! We have had ice for about 5 weeks-last night we got 6 inches of fresh snow-so the ice is under cover right now!!



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