Tuesday, October 7, 2008

teaching = more creating for me!

click on any photo for more details -
This is what one of my studio tables looked like after I finished teaching class . . . kind of messy. But, I did not clean it all up right away. I thought if I left everything out I might continue working on the canvas that I had started in class as a demo. Well, this philosophy worked for me & I did finish that collage! (see below) Then a few days later, I created another one; and this one is for my dad. His 75th birthday is on Friday! He has certainly had quite a rough year with a lot of health related problems. But, he is truthfully a fighter and I would say he is cautiously optimistic these days . . . . we just take it one step at a time. I will be going to Florida to visit my parents again for a few days, at the end of the month - yay!

Below is a progression of the first collage I worked on and finished while all my collage class supplies were out:

I am amazed at the way I cover up a lot of the work that I do to start with. Steven says this adds to the texture of my pieces.

I used lots of skeleton leaves, tissue paper, marbled papers . . . the image of the bird & the girl is on the M is for Magpie collage sheet from Alpha Stamps. I added green dye-na-flow with a sponge, in the photo to your right.

Rubber stamping was done with StazOn ink and more paint was added to the top of the collage in pinks & purple - click on any photo for more details.

green leaf ribbon was added . . .

~ The finished collage, complete with a favorite quote (Right)

This is how it started! (below)

And here is the collage I created for my dad, on a gallery type stretched canvas . . .

It started out like this (below left) -

I used lots of handmade papers, watercolour crayons and gel medium . . . gold metallic ink . . .

This collage for my dad incorporates a photo of my dad and my mom sailing the melonseed sailboat he built (cedar strip) on the little lake near where Steven & I lived, about 2 years ago. I printed it out on matte photo paper along with about 5 others, and chose this one because I liked the quality of it and the fact that it was of my mom & dad sailing together. I added a bit of watercolor crayon and white Lumiere paint to the photo. You may also be able to see my 2 nephews and my sister behind my mom & dad, paddling 3 canoes that my dad built! Pretty amazing. He is a very special man, my dad. Happy birthday, dad. xo


  1. Oh, beautiful, Lenna, and thanks for taking us through the process. The colours in your first collage are simply so amazing and rich and I agree with Steven that building up your textures in layers makes for a very interesting surface.
    As for the other one, I'm sure your dad will be over the moon with such a personal collage and present and I love that bit you added at the beginning top right. The finished piece is so soft and gentle, just like the boat trip!

  2. Lenna - both of these collages are absolutely beautiful! The one you did for your father looks like something you'd see in a dream... far away and very mystical. What a truly wonderful gift for his brithday! I also want to thank you for the wonderful workshop this morning. As I told you, I have been feeling very uninspired lately, but now I have all kinds of ideas and pictures in my head. Your workshop was just the spark I needed, and I am so looking forward to doing more with you:> xxxx - Carla

  3. Love aeeing the process! It turned out beautifully. Wish I could take a class from you!



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